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It's not only for the benefit of the client. It benefits me by giving me the confidence to be able to do what I do. I'm Syma. I'm a counsellor in Oxford, and I specialise in bereavement. I've done five courses at Tavistock, Family Systemic Therapy, Eating Disorder, Self-Harm and Suicide for Young People and Adolescents, Couples Therapy and Trauma Therapy. It felt like a very intense supervision. You are taken care of academically. You're valued as an individual. There's no judgement. There's high respect. Really the sort of thing we sort of offer our clients.

The reason that I've done so many courses at Tavistock is because of the combination of very good, high quality academic presentation at Tavistock and the practical aspect that is usually the second part of each module. When you read the cases in books, you can't have that interaction. That interaction makes it more memorable. When clients come, you never know what issues they come with and what that issue leads you to. Having the toolbox and the expanded toolbox will enable me to be more confident and competent in helping them to help themselves.

Syma Sandford – Counsellor

Syma is a counsellor in Oxford, specialising in bereavement counselling. She has taken a number of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses at the Tavistock, including: Families and Beyond: an Introduction to Systemic Thinking; An Introduction to Working with People with Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia; Relating to Self-Harm and Suicide in Adolescents and Young Adults; Understanding Couples; and Understanding Trauma: Principles and Practice.

She feels that such has been the quality of the courses, and the positive impact on her skills as a counsellor, that it has been well worth the long commute from Oxford. In this video, she describes the learning experience and how she has been able to add to what she describes as her “toolbox” of skills and expertise.

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