Meet Judith, a safeguarding team manager

What I've learned from the course, which I felt is really crucial in the job that I do at the moment, is that I've been able to adopt a much wider way of looking at problems.

My name is Judith, Judith Bennett. Currently I'm a team manager in a local authority in a safeguarding team. I decided to do the systemic course at the Tavistock, and my work supported me in doing it. The reason why I wanted to do the course was because in my job I was steadily becoming quite frustrated about the starkness in the way in which I was working with families and feeling that. I wasn't able sometimes to get beyond the problems, and just feeling that maybe I just needed more skills in order to help me with my work.

I find the systemic way of working has been extremely helpful in the way that I not only manage staff but also deal with crisis situations. It does help me to slow things down a bit so that I don't rush into making decisions. As a social worker I bring something to the way in which I work with people. I adopted a way of, "It's them. I'm working with them." In actual fact, the way I speak to them, the way I understand them, the sense I make of their problems or their situation – it all comes from what I bring as well. That's how crucial it has been, the course in helping me in my job.

Judith Bennett – safeguarding team manager

Judith studied for an MA in Systemic Psychotherapy at the Tavistock, and is safeguarding team manager for a London local authority. She found that taking the course allowed her to get a deeper understanding of the families and young people she was working with, helping her to be far more empathetic and effective.

In this video, she describes how the reflective approach she learnt at the Tavistock helps her both as a practitioner and as a team leader.

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Judith's course:

Systemic psychotherapy (M6)

Taught in a highly regarded NHS setting by experienced clinicians, this course was the first of its kind in the UK and successful completion...

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