Meet Martijn, a student on Emotional care of babies, children, young people and families (EC1)

Martijn_Lafebre_EC1.JPG"I made up my mind to study at the Tavistock and Portman after visiting an open day. I already knew of the Tavistock's reputation but felt reassured by the fact that all courses are delivered and developed by clinician-tutors, who can draw upon their direct experiences of working within the NHS.

The clearly laid-out course pathways give me a point of reference as to where I'd like to take my studies and as I'm discovering, to my surprise, my direction may well change - the more I learn the more I am drawn to more specific specialisms.

When I started the Emotional care of babies, children, young people and families (EC1) course, I was working for a children's charity. Now, 12 months later, I'm working as a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant {SENTA) In a primary school, building up my experience of working with children and young people and applying what I've learned about a child's emotional development so far.

Since starting the course, I feel like I am learning new ways of seeing, listening, feeling and, ultimately, being - lrs opening up a world beyond words, where I'm starting to respond better to difficult situations, and In a more understanding and compassionate way. The course material has been varied and psychoanalytic concepts are Introduced and explained in an accessible way, drawing on a variety of material.

Lectures are followed by smaller seminar groups, where course content Is discussed and reflected on more Intimately. The seminar  group provides a rich and fertile ground for a discussion and discovery especially as we all come from wide variety of backgrounds and professions. What everyone brings to the course - their experiences and knowledge - has brought another Invaluable layer of learning."

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Martijn's course:

Emotional care of babies, children, young people and families (EC1)

This course will introduce you to key psychoanalytic ideas and how they connect to your real-life observations and experience of working with...

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