Meet Chaya, a student on Systemic psychotherapy (M6)


"I decided to study at the Tavistock and Portman as it came highly recommended by many of my colleagues who had studied on various courses, including the courses I have now completed.  I feel very privileged to be practicing as a trainee systemic psychotherapist in a CAMHS team at the Tavistock and to be helping children and families who need it

What I enjoy most is the teaching which is to a very high standard. The wealth of expertise from the broad range of lecturers and clinicians who teach us has enriched my practice.  I also appreciate the importance that is placed on working with diversity.

The courses I have completed so far at the Tavistock and Portman have enhanced my personal and professional life far beyond what I had imagined when I embarked on the programmes.  They have turned me into a more confident psychotherapist and a better supervisor at my workplace.  It has helped me manage my relationships better which in turn has also made me a better psychotherapist.

I have always felt very well supported as a student at the Tavistock and Portman. I have a lecturer who went out of her way on many occasions to accommodate my needs, and the needs of other Orthodox Jewish students, whether it was around our dietary requirements or attendance at some of the lectures which fell on times that we were not allowed to attend for religious reasons.

My advice to someone who is considering applying for a course is to do it - you will not regret it!   The learning is rich both from the teaching, but also the diverse student groups and the learning and support we give each other. The excellent teaching that you have heard about lives up to its reputation and I never could have imagined that studying at the Tavistock would take my career as far as it has."

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