A welcome from our Dean

December 2020

How much has changed in a year!  In my welcome to our 2020 students, I began my foreword saying “working on the frontline has never been more challenging. From teachers and social workers, health and mental health professionals to probation officers…” And then Covid-19 hit and what a year it has been.  While I have been amazed and appreciative of the extent to which our organisation has adapted and responded, it is hard to qualify how tough this year has been for everyone in different ways, but also how much more starkly pre-existing inequalities and inequities have come into view.  

As an educational institution and a clinical organisation we face in two connected directions.  Frontline workers have had to work in anxiety-provoking times while reassuring those they were there to support. The pace of changes, the novelty and unfamiliarity of necessary adaptations and difficulty to plan ahead have been relentless for many. I’m incredibly proud of the creativity and commitment of faculty and professional services in achieving this and the manner with which we were able to make changes is a testament of the mature and mutually respectful relationship between our staff and student bodies. 

This gives me further confidence to promote and recommend studying with us in 2021.  As a Trust, we provide education and training which enables professionals to work in more meaningful, effective, and rewarding ways with patients and each other. Drawing from our own clinical experience in the NHS, social care, schools, criminal justice and other sectors, and informed by our research and implementation and evaluation of innovative clinical interventions, we work in close partnership with Health Education England, University of Essex and professional bodies to ensure that your learning outcomes enable you to work effectively and satisfyingly in complex and difficult settings. Never has this been more crucial. 

2020 had us celebrating our first hundred years.  Our programmes are founded on a distinguished heritage and tradition combined with contemporary relevance and innovation.  Join one of our celebratory Centenary virtual events – there is nowhere better to experience our approaches – and events are running until Easter 2021. 

So despite the challenges and uncertainties, we are confident to be able to provide a first rate learning experience which is accessible and open and aspires to reflect the diversity of modern Britain. Whether you wish to pursue a change of career or be supported to develop your current knowledge and skills base further, there are exciting options for you to explore. 

Whichever programme you are considering joining, I take pride in the knowledge that you will experience the hallmarks of our approach to teaching and learning:

  • You will be taught by a faculty of clinical educators who understand the key challenges and issues you face in whatever environment you work or endeavour to work in.
  • You will engage in dialogue and benefit from input from different disciplines and perspectives.
  • You will be part of a vibrant student group who will augment and enrich your learning experience.
  • On our clinical courses, you will benefit from studying in the NHS, experiencing a diverse caseload, adhering to stringent clinical governance procedures and having the opportunity to engage with innovative clinical services.

We are delighted our recent student survey has shown again high levels of student satisfaction. We are confident we can provide a first rate learning experience which is accessible and open and truly reflects the diversity of modern Britain.

All of our staff, from faculty to professional support services, are focused on helping you maximise your experience and helping you work in or towards your chosen career. We have a range of people available to assist you in thinking through your decisions and choices.

Your development is at the heart of our mission. We have a range of people available to assist you in thinking through your decisions and choices. 

Don’t leave it here, get in touch, attend one of our open events and start a conversation.

Brian Rock

Director of Education and Training and Dean of Postgraduate Studies

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Brian Rock headshot

Brian Rock, our Director of Education and Training, and Dean of Postgraduate Studies