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Given the current challenges of working in mental health, social care, education and criminal justice, it is becoming harder for clinicians and other professionals to feel they are making a difference. Here at The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust we provides transformational learning experiences that equip and empower our learners. Our courses are designed to meet the evolving needs of you as individuals and of your organisations in responding to these challenges.

Informed by our own clinical experience and guided by our innovative clinical interventions, we work in close partnership with Health Education England and professional bodies to ensure that what you learn with us enables you to work effectively and satisfyingly in complex and difficult settings. Whether you wish to pursue a change of career or be supported to develop your current knowledge and skills base further, there is a range of exciting options for you to explore.

A developmental perspective informs the work we do: in education and training, clinical provision, research and consultancy. Your development is at the heart of our mission.

Our training programmes fundamentally assist you to develop your capacity for reflectiveness and personal awareness, foster engagement with others and build resilience. These competencies will enable you to make a powerful contribution to meet the emotional and psychological needs of the people that you and we strive to help.

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Whichever programme you join, I take pride in the knowledge that you will experience the hallmarks of our approach to teaching and learning:

  • You will be taught by a faculty of clinical experts who understand the key challenges and issues you face in whatever environment you work.
  • You will experience and participate in cross-discipline working, in line with the importance we ascribe to fostering dialogue and input from different disciplines and perspectives.
  • You will be part of a diverse student group which will augment and enrich your learning experience.
  • You will gain the benefits of studying in the NHS, experiencing a diverse caseload, adhering to stringent clinical governance procedures, and having the opportunity to engage with innovative and unique clinical services.

Our training extends beyond health and social care. Our courses are designed to appeal to those working more directly within the psychological therapies as well as those in social care, education and criminal justice. This is our model for creating the workforce of the future.

2017/18 has seen the largest number of new students join the Trust ever, and we are determined to continue to deliver top quality educational experiences that are also accessible and open and allow for the creation of a workforce which truly reflects the diversity of modern Britain.

All of our staff, from faculty to professional support services, are focused on helping you maximise your experience and helping you work in or towards your chosen career. We have a range of people available to assist you in thinking through your decisions and choices. But don’t leave it there, come and visit us at one of our open events and start a conversation.

Brian Rock,
Director of Education and Training, Dean of Postgraduate Studies

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Brian Rock, our Director of Education and Training, and Dean of Postgraduate Studies