Applicant and prospective student support

In order to support you prior to and during your time at the Tavistock and Portman, we offer a range of services to help you get the most out of your education and training.

Student suport

We have an inclusive approach to supporting applicants and students with disabilities or specific learning difficulties. We respond to the requirements of individuals to ensure that you have equal and fair access to our courses wherever possible. We design our curriculum and assessment with all students in mind.

We can offer advice and support if you’re concerned about the impact your disability could have on your education and training opportunities.  Please email if you would like a confidential discussion about how we can support you in your studies.

Facilities for disabled applicants and students include:

  • An automatic entry system
  • Ramps
  • Opening swing doors
  • Toilets for people with disabilities (located on the ground floor)
  • A low-level reception counter
  • Signs in Braille
  • A Portable induction loop.

Please see full information on what we can do to assist you during your studies on our Support for disabled students and students with learning difficulties page.

We understand that you may require some emotional support throughout your course. These sources of support are available to all students:

Your personal tutor

Throughout your time with us, you’ll have personal tutorials at least twice per year. As well as discussing your progress, your tutor can provide advice and guidance to you regarding any personal or professional difficulties you may encounter. This is not, however, a counselling service.

Personal Therapy

If you’re on a clinical course where you’ll be seeing patients, you’ll need to have personal therapy throughout the length of the course. 

In some instances, you may need to be in therapy for a year prior to, as well as during, your clinical training. 

If you have any concerns arising from this, you should discuss them with your personal tutor, organising tutor or the course administrator, and we’ll endeavour to support you however we can.

If your course is accredited by a University partner, you’ll usually have access to the university’s student support services as well as ours.

Once you have begun your studies at the Trust, you will have access to this confidential service via telephone or in person. The service can offer help in making decisions, or give you support in coping with a crisis such as bereavement, relationship breakdown or experience of trauma. Additionally, personal or professional issues might sometimes arise that you do not wish to share with your personal tutor. If this happens you can seek help in complete confidence from our student advice and consultation service. Students are eligible for three sessions with a staff volunteer who is a member of the professional staff within the Trust.

We can offer financial support to you in the form of loans and bursaries. Please see our fees and funding pages for further information.  We also provide a variety of ways for you to pay your fees.

We have an extensive online resources on our Virtual Learning Environment, Moodle which you will gain access to once you have enroled.  You can also find out about the excellent face-to-face sessions that our Library runs there too.

Student cards

If you have lost your student card, please contact who can issue you with a new one. There is a £10 administrative fee for this service.


If you were a awarded a degree with us between 2003 and now, we are able to issue you with a Transcript of your marks for an administrative fee of £30. Please note that it can take around 4 weeks to process these claims, particularly during busy periods. We are sorry that we are unable to provide transcripts dating earlier than the 2002/03 academic year.


All certificates for courses leading to an award are provided by our validating partners, University of Essex, Middlesex University or University of East London. It normally takes around three months from the date of the exam board to issue certificates, which are then sent to the permanent address you provided us with. Therefore if you are awaiting a certificate from a recent award, please wait 4 months before you enquire about this. If you have been waiting at least 4 months for your certificate and have not received it, please contact to enquire.

If you are looking for a reprinted certificate, please contact the relevant University:

There is normally an administrative fee attached to this.


If you are having problems with paying your fees, please take a look at our fees and funding page for support and guidance.


If you are on a validated course and you are ill, you can either apply to take a break from your studies or if you are unable to submit your assignments on time, you can apply for extenuating circumstances. If you have a long-term condition or learning difficulty, please see support for students with disabilities or learning difficulties above.

Disciplinary Procedures

If you are the subject of a disciplinary procedure such as academic misconduct or student conduct concerns, you can seek advice and support through our student advice and consultation service (see above).

If you have a question that isn't on this list, please contact the department of education and training reception


If you would like to appeal an exam board decision, please check our guidance and advice found here.


If you have a complaint please check our guidance and advice found here.

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