Our courses in Birmingham are delivered at the Birmingham Trust for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (BTPP) -  a thriving centre for psychoanalytic learning in the West Midlands.

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The Birmingham Trust for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (BTPP) has been delivering our working with children, young people & families: a psychoanalytic observational approach for over 20 years.

Both BTPP's Charity and Trainings arose out of a conviction that all children have a right to be able to access therapy and other essential services delivered by well-trained therapists and professionals. BTPP believe that this is true for all children and for those who care for them, particularly so for the most disadvantaged and damaged children in the West Midlands.

BTPP believe that central to delivering therapy and other services that meet children's needs is that the professionals working with children can listen to and take in what children communicate about the reality of their external and internal lives. Only then can a truly empathic understanding of the position of the child be achieved and appropriate professional work or therapy be delivered to them.

BTPP knows that while this seems relatively straightforward, it is in fact highly complex and requires appropriate professional training and support. BTPP provides such a context in which professionals can learn, develop and be sustained.

BTPP strives to combine the capacity to achieve real empathy with the child and their family with a psychoanalytic understanding from a Kleinian- Bionian and Meltzerian perspective. BTPP acknowledges that this is only one of many useful ways of understanding the lives of children, though it is what we find most useful.

BTPP believes that the capacity to think and relate in a psychoanalytic psychotherapeutic way, i.e. to read between the lines, to think about the unconscious, to be able to tolerate the intense states of feeling and of mind when we encounter the reality of some children's internal and external lives and all the while to sustain open-mindedness and curiosity, is not predicted by an academic label, a prior professional qualification, or by similarity or difference to ourselves.

BTPP believes that psychoanalytic training should be accessible to interested and able professionals and should not be financially prohibitive.

Birmingham Trust for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

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