Welcome Week

Welcome Week is a series of events and activities organised for new students to help you get to know us. If you will be joining us in 2017, please keep an eye on this page for further updates.

Students walking

New students – did you miss your Welcome Week in September 2016 and not get your student card?  If you still need to register and need further information about your course you can do by emailing DET Reception to book a slot to register.

Welcome Week at the Tavistock is about preparing for the start of your studies, and about meeting your fellow students and staff. There are some fun welcome events for everyone to attend if they would like to do so, including a student social and a walk on Hampstead Heath. There are also welcome meetings of the Trust’s LGBT society and Race and Equity group.

There are various administrative tasks you must complete before you are ready to start on your course: pre-arrival registration (ahead of welcome week) and registration (during welcome week).

Additionally, for those of you who will be undertaking clinical work , you will need to obtain your clinical passport and attend the clinical and directorate induction.

We appreciate that in a few instances, where courses start a few weeks after welcome week and/or where students may be coming from overseas, that it might be difficult to attend this week. If you are unable to pop in at all this week, please contact your Course Administrator to discuss what arrangements you will need to make instead.

If you've not already picked up a copy, download the #mytavi student guide which will help you prepare to start your studies and act as a helpful reminder of everything that is on offer.

We’ve put together lots of useful information for Welcome Week and beyond. Please note that this guide should be read in conjunction with your course handbook, Moodle pages and the ‘current students’ pages of the website.

We are committed to equality of opportunity - and we aim to make sure our students and staff are treated respectfully and regardless of difference.  In our clinical practice, teaching and research, we are committed to inclusivity and excellence and your learning experience will be grounded in these principles.  

There will be opportunities through course committees, the student experience committee, the LGBT and race and equity societies and the annual student survey to feedback and discuss your experience with us.

Student support

Throughout Welcome Week our team will be on hand to advise you who to contact if you need Student support throughout your time with us.

Student contribution

We need your help as students to help us to provide the best student experience while you are studying with us. There are several different ways to get involved with varying levels of commitment – you could sit on one of our Trust’s Committees or become a Student Representative for your course.

Please help us to ensure that our courses live up to their world-class reputation and join in by visiting our student contribution page.

We are delighted you will be studying in one of our national centres and wish you a stimulating learning experience. Throughout your time as a student on a Tavistock programme at a national centre you will be able to join in with the community of Tavistock students in a range of ways through the use of Moodle, or by attending events here if you would like to. For example, you are very welcome to attend any of the social events, student groups or seminars, running at the Trust throughout Welcome Week.  Please also check out the welcome films which will be available on Moodle once you log on. 

For details about registration and induction at your local centre, please contact them directly. You will find contact details for the various centres here. If you are in doubt about local contact details, do get in touch with the Department of Education and Training here at the Trust, and we can provide you with local information.

If you have any questions about Welcome Week, please contact the student support receptionist for assistance.

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