Our mental health and social care trainings change lives

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Education and Training at the Tavistock and Portman is unlike any other. Our qualifications are renowned across the charity, voluntary and private sectors and internationally.  All of our courses are developed and delivered by our clinician-tutors who bring your learning to life through the discussion on their work.

We are one of the few providers in the UK that offers a learning environment within an NHS mental health clinical setting. This gives our students access to real-life case studies and ensures the education you receive is relevant and up to date.  Our staff are highly regarded within their fields and means they can provide live case studies to our students.

Our courses are split into five areas:

Working with children, young people and families

If you are considering a career change or already work with children, young people and families, we are bound to have the right course for you. You may be looking for a course which will help you work more effectively in pressured environments. Whether you are a frontline practitioner or manager, our courses will develop your capacity for skillful intervention, give you a deeper understanding of the complex difficulties children and families experience and enhance your ability for critical reflection and resilience.

View our working with children, young people and families courses here.  

Adult mental health and wellbeing

If you are interested in adult mental health and wellbeing we have a range of courses specifically designed to develop skills, knowledge and insight and will deepen your capacity to work in this field. Our training programmes makes use of psychoanalytic and systemic thinking to promote understanding of emotional difficulties and complicated human relationships. Our courses will appeal to a broad range of practitioners in psychiatry, psychology, nursing and social work – as well as anyone working in mental health across the health, care and voluntary sector.

View our adult mental health and wellbeing courses here

Social work and social care

Our qualifying social work course enables aspiring social workers to meet the requirements of qualifying social work training within the environment of a cutting edge NHS Trust. Our unique model of teaching and learning is highly experiential, practice led and informed by psycho-social and developmental approaches.

View our social work and social care courses here

Management and leadership

Our courses will enable you to promote healthy and efficient organisational work settings. Through understanding the complex interrelationship between conscious and unconscious processes in group dynamics, you will acquire essential tools for management and leadership in complex, challenging and changing organisations. Our courses will enhance your capacity to lead and support staff wellbeing and resilience, as well as promoting effective management skills that reduce the barriers to thoughtful and responsive delivery of services.

View our Management and leadership courses here

Forensic courses

Our forensic course is delivered by experienced clinicians who work at the internationally renowned Portman Clinic. Students benefit from their unique expertise within forensic health and criminal justice settings developed over many years. This will enrich and strengthen professional development for those working in these fields.

View our forensic courses here.

If you're not sure what you want to do, get in touch, attend one of our events or hear from our students.