We work with employers across the health, social work, social care, forensic and voluntary sectors to devise and deliver training programmes that meet their workforce capability needs. 

We are in a time of significant change within the NHS and leadership has never been more challenging.  When the opportunity arose to review and redesign our clinical leadership programme, we felt it an ideal opportunity to develop a programme based on a system-psychodynamic approach, so that new leaders might begin to understand how the wider system and unconscious processes may impact upon their ability to lead effectively.  Two of the facilitators had completed the Tavistock Masters programme in ‘Consulting and Leading in Organisations’, and were therefore already aware of the quality and depth of training that Tavistock Consulting provide.  Alongside the experience and insight of the joint head of integrated training, the partnership work was commissioned.

Throughout the design of our clinical leadership training programme we worked in close collaboration with Tavistock Consulting.  We very much valued being able to step back, reflect and discuss the complexities around the design with consultants who came with a vast realm of experience in the design of leadership programmes.  We were able to design a bespoke programme to meet the specific needs of our staff.

Our clinical leadership programme has started and feedback is very positive. I have no doubt that this is linked to the fact that we are now working in partnership with Tavistock Consulting. I believe that we have an organisational understanding that strong leadership skills depend upon a capacity to develop an awareness of the role of the unconscious.


Alison Wragg

Head of Occupational Therapy for Westminster Mental Health Services & Service Manager for Specialist Therapies (KCW Psychotherapy Services & Waterview Centre)


“Two of the facilitators had completed the Masters programme in Consulting and Leading in Organisations and were therefore already aware of the quality and depth of training that Tavistock Consulting provide ...”
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