The Tavistock and Portman Digital Academy

The Tavistock and Portman Trust is launching a portfolio of brand new online courses in 2020, our Centenary year.  

We’re calling this exciting project The Tavistock and Portman Digital Academy. 

Digital Academy logoWe pride ourselves on a history of innovation. We’ve been at the forefront of exploring mental health and wellbeing since the First World War, working to pioneer the development and delivery of effective clinical interventions, and to be a national and international centre of excellence for training and education.

The Digital Academy is a continuation of this pioneering history, and will allow you to access our world-class educational content wherever you are, at a time and pace that suits you.

How are Digital Academy courses different?

Our new online courses reflect the key elements of our unique teaching model:

  • learning through experiences
  • delivery by highly experienced clinician-trainers; and
  • provision of a space for reflection.

The benefits of this approach are that it will provide you with opportunities to learn from real experiences and translate new skills more readily into everyday aspects of your work. This should provide additional benefit not only to your knowledge and career, but your organisation as well.

Digital Academy courses are designed as a complete online learning experience, presented by leading clinical educators. Rather than long classroom video lectures, concepts and ideas are introduced via videos and articles. Depending on the type of course you want to do, you can then discuss what you’ve learned, testing your new knowledge with quizzes and peer tasks.

What types of course are offered?

The Tavistock and Portman Digital Academy courses include:


Delivery length – 1 hour
Learning hours – 1 hour
Certification – NA
A live-streamed presentation, conversation or panel discussion on specialist and topical areas of interest, led by senior Trust clinician-trainers.

Mini Course

Delivery length – 1 week
Learning hours – 5 hours
Certification – Certificate of completion
A subject introduction with engaging online content produced by our clinical educators. This will be a self-directed course, which you can complete at a time and pace that’s convenient for you.

Short Course

Delivery length – 4 weeks
Learning hours – 20 hours
Certification – Certificate of completion
You will join a cohort and access your learning through a virtual learning environment, offering a combination of online learning materials, webinars, moderated discussion forums, peer-based tasks, and a live Q&A. All cohorts will have an assigned online tutor.

Trust Certificate

Delivery length – 1 year
Learning hours – 150-200 hours
Certification – Trust Certificate
A year-long online course which will introduce the key concepts of the subject and give you the core knowledge for progression onto a higher level qualification. Features include, regular online theory lectures and reading seminars, workplace discussion seminars, set readings, a self-reflective journal, tutorials, and an optional project.

How can I access Digital Academy courses?

Please visit the Digital Academy website to explore the range of online courses which are now available for booking, and sign up to our Digital Academy mailing list to be the first to hear about new courses and more.

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Visit our Digital Academy website

Tavistock and Portman Digital Academy

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