Teachers: Term 3 resources


21 April 2020

  1. All group teaching in Zoom will be under Pro licenses.
  2. Teachers are encouraged to use their Zoom Teaching Link for all sessions including one-to-one tutorials. 


This page contains high-level resources to support Teachers in the remote delivery of Term 3. 

The main point of contact with our students is through Zoom (A), which replaces all face-to-face contact. The scheduled timetable remains the same.  

Teachers are encouraged to make all PowerPoint slides, links to video recordings and so on available on Moodle (B). Additionally, teachers are strongly encouraged to utilise the discussion forums in Moodle to further support learning (C). 

And please visit our wider range of resources for teachers on this website, including help with online marking

A) Zoom: group seminars and lectures

Zoom is a highly flexible video conferencing platform. In many ways, it will allow you to replicate the face-to-face experience of running a small group seminar and large lecture.   

  1. Screencast: understanding the controls and icons
  2. Screencast: using breakout rooms
  3. Screencast: sharing your screen for PowerPoint slides etc.

B) Moodle: making your teaching resources available

Please ensure all resources used in your Zoom sessions are available to students on your Moodle course page. This includes PowerPoint slides, links to videos and so on.  

  1. PDF guide: uploading slides, creating folders etc.

C) Moodle: consolidating learning through discussion forums

Moodle forums should be used to support the Zoom delivery of your teaching. Post guiding questions and manage post-lecture Q&As through the forum on your course page. 

  1. Webpage: Five ways to make online discussions work in your teaching (TEL Team, University of Sussex)
  2. Screencast: post your learning activity, guiding question or response to a student's question
  3. Screencast: respond to a student's post

M6 clinical recordings

We have developed a process for recording family therapy sessions through Zoom. 

  1. PDF guide: Zoom recordings for clinical supervisors
  2. PDF guide: Zoom recording for clinical trainees