TEL service catalogue and request forms

Online form: Request to bring in a student via Zoom

TEL only support Zoom sessions  for student group seminars. We do not support or lend equipment for other Zoom meetings taking place in the Trust such as course meetings, personal tutorials or business meetings.

Please provide as many details as possible about the online group seminar using the request form above. Please note remote participation by a student through Zoom must be authorised by the Course Lead in consultation with the Portfolio Manager.  

Please remember that Zoom has not been authorised for clinical use.  

Online form: Request for video and/or audio recording/editing

TEL offer bespoke and lecture capture video recording. Please provide as many details as possible in the online request form above. 

Email TEL Support for all issues relating to Moodle and our other learning technologies. You will receive a ticket number from our instance of Hornbill Service Manager.