LGBTQIA+ student and trainee group

Our LGBTQIA+ Student and Trainee Group exists to provide a safe environment for our LGBTQIA+ students to meet and discuss matters concerning the LGBTQIA+ student community and to promote awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues.


The LGBTQIA+ Student and Trainee Group meets twice a term and is facilitated by Geraldine Crehan. It aims is to provide support and a space to share experiences and thinking as a member of the student/trainee body.

The Group also functions as a channel for communication and feed-back between students/trainees and the Department of Education and Training. The Trust is committed to providing an inclusive environment for trainees/students from minority sexualities and gender identities and the need to train mental health professionals to work effectively with a diverse population.

For information about dates and coming along to the sessions please sign in to Moodle and visit the 'Your Student Community' page to view the events calendar.

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