International student and trainee group

Part of the rich heritage of the Tavistock and Portman is its global reach and connections. This is nowhere more embodied by our international students who hail from every part of the globe. Intercultural learning is a key element of addressing both mental health and the wider societal issues of the 21st century and sharing the experience of our overseas students never fails to illuminate.

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This is an open friendly and supportive space where people can exchange thoughts, ask questions and influence wider agendas within the trust.  

We encourage interactions across both course disciplines and national boundaries forming powerful professional networks. 

In addition, there may be specific challenges faced by students from overseas so we have set up the International student group within Facebook Workplace. 

For information about dates and coming along to the sessions please sign in to Moodle and visit the 'Your Student Community' page to view the events calendar.

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