Student and Trainee groups

These groups are an opportunity for students to meet each other and share experiences in a safe, facilitated environment.

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Our groups:

LGBTQIA+ student and trainee group

The LGBTQIA+ Student Group meets twice a term and is facilitated by Geraldine Crehan. It aims is to provide support and a space to share experiences and thinking as a member of the student/trainee body.

Black Asian and Minority Ethnic student and trainee group

The Black Asian and Minority Ethnic student group offers an opportunity for those students from a Black Asian and Minority Ethnic background to share their experience of training at the Tavistock and Portman. 

Disabled student and trainee group

This is a group for all disabled students whether your disability is related to a physical or mental health condition or a learning difficulty.

International student and trainee group

Our international students  hail from every part of the globe and we are delighted to host a group where they can meet together and share experiences.

Film society: The Projections 

The Projections Society is a film club run by our students and trainees, for the benefit of both students and staff of the Tavistock and Portman.  We have termly screenings of exciting cinema which aims to stimulate our learning by enlightening the established links between psychotherapy and the cinematic form. 

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