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All of our students can come to us if they have an issue or complaint with any aspect of education and training.  We have a dedicated team on hand to deal with any complaints, in confidence, to ensure our duty of care of you.

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Although we wish to provide the best experience possible for our students, on occasion we can get things wrong. We want to ensure that our students have a voice and an ability to express concerns about all aspects of our delivery. Our complaints procedure can be read here. If you have a concern or issue that you would like to discuss please contact your course lead or personal tutor in the first instance. 

If your issue has not been resolved satisfactorily by your course lead or personal tutor, or you do not feel you are able to talk to them, please contact our DET Complaints Liaison Officer, Isabelle Bratt at

Should you be dissatisfied with their response or wish to log a formal complaint then please submit a student complaint form at the following link:

Make a formal complaint using our online form.

We have a duty of care to our students, and wish to provide everyone with a safe, fair and comfortable training and education environment. We therefore have a student charter which expresses how we expect you as a student to behave, and what you can expect from us. All students at the Tavistock and Portman are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is not harmful to themselves or fellow students, to maintain a professional and courteous approach in their dealings with others and to comply with the law, both on site and on placement. 

If you have any concerns about the conduct of a fellow student, or feel bullied or harassed by a fellow student, please contact your course lead or personal tutor in the first instance. 

If a concern is raised about a student’s behaviour then we will follow the Student Conduct Concerns Procedure to investigate the concerns and, where necessary, take appropriate action. Students on programmes accredited by professional bodies should be aware that adverse conduct findings may affect their ability to register and practice in the future. 

The Department of Education and Training, as providers of training to NHS staff and other staff working in the Public Sector believe that our students should be informed and encouraged to adhere to the recommendations of the Francis Review and to ensure that they feel supported in developing the highest standards of practice. 

Our training aims to support the required cultural shift,  enhancing our expertise in reflective practice to demonstrate that flagging up problems, risks and mistakes as they occur, and learning from them, will contribute to improving patient care. 

You will need to be aware of how the freedom to speak up relates to your own work settings. Once you start your studies with us, please take time to look at the Moodle page called Freedom to speak up for more information.

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Read our complaints procedure here

Tavistock and Portman Student Complaints Procedure