Student complaints

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Although we wish to provide the best experience possible for our students, on occasion we can get things wrong and we want to ensure that our students have a voice and an ability to express concerns about all aspects of our delivery.

You can find out more information about our assessment, including appeals, on our assessment page

If you wish to make a complaint

Read or download our student complaints procedure

In the first instance we recommend that you contact the person or department about which you wish to complain or their manager. 

Should you be dissatisfied with their response or wish to log a formal complaint, then please submit a student complaint form.

Make a complaint using our online form »

The Complaints Liaison Officer is also available to discuss the procedure or any potential complaint and can be contacted on 0208 938 2238 or found in room 239 at the Tavistock Centre.

Complaints about your treatment

If you are a patient or service user and wish to make a complaint, please visit this page