Race and equity group

The race and equity student/trainee group offers an opportunity for students to meet and support each other and to share experiences as students who are concerned with and interested in issues relating to culture, race and ethnicity in a predominantly white organisation.

Course administrators

It aims to empower all students and trainees to engage with these issues and to voice their experiences and thoughts. The Group also functions as a channel for communication and feed-back between students/trainees and the Department of Education and Training. The Trust is keenly aware of the need to train mental health professionals from a diversity of backgrounds and of the need to listen to its current students and trainees from both minority and majority backgrounds in order to do this well.

The group was originally aimed exclusively at students and trainees from black and minority ethnic communities. However, on request by the students and trainees themselves, the group has, now for a number of years, been open to all students and trainees. The meetings take place on different days in the week monthly in order to enable as many students and trainees as possible to be able to access the group without disruption to their studies and working lives. Past activities include film showings, discussions, reading as well as reflections about the Trust as a place of learning in relation to contemporary mental health practice in a multi-cultural society.

Meeting times and locations

October 2016
Friday 7 October 1-2pm: Studio A
Monday 10 October 1-2pm: Studio A
Wednesday 12 October 1-2pm: Seminar Room 1

November 2016
Friday 4 November 1-2pm: Studio A
Monday 7 November 1-2pm: Studio A
Wednesday 9 November 1-2pm: Seminar Room 1

December 2016
Monday 2 December 1-2pm: Studio A
Wednesday 5 December 1-2pm: Studio A
Friday 7 December 1-2pm: Seminar Room 1

January 2017
Friday 6 January 1-2pm: Studio A
Monday 9 January 1-2pm: Studio A
Wednesday 11 January 1-2pm: Seminar Room 1

February 2017
Friday 3 February 1-2pm: Seminar Room 2
Monday 6 February 1-2pm: Studio A
Wednesday 8 February 1-2pm: Seminar Room 1

March 2017
Friday 3 March 1-2pm: Seminar Room 2
Monday 6 March 1-2pm: Studio A
Wednesday 8 March 1-2pm: Seminar Room 1

April 2017
Friday 7 April 1-2pm: Seminar Room 2
No other meetings in April

May 2017
Friday 5 May 1-2pm: Seminar Room 2
Monday 8 May 1-2pm: Studio A
Wednesday 10 May 1-2pm: Seminar Room 1

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Britt Krause 

Race and equality group chair