University partners

The Trust works in conjunction with three university validating partners. 

The Universities validate many of the courses that we deliver at the Trust, meaning that you will receive a nationally recognised award when you successfully complete your course.

Our primary academic partner is the University of Essex, known for the quality of its research and its consistently high student satisfaction levels. There are growing synergies between our programmes. The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Essex have worked in partnership for a number of years, with Essex validating our MA in The Foundations of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, the Doctorate in Child, Community & Educational Psychology and the Doctorate in Child & Educational Psychology.

It is hoped that an expansion of this partnership will bring mutual development opportunities for shared learning and innovation of practice. The Trust is currently overseeing a major portfolio shift so that the majority of students starting postgraduate degrees in the new academic year will work towards an Essex-accredited award.

The Trust is exploring the potential for broader academic links with the University, for example with Essex’s Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, its Department of Sociology and School of Philosophy and Art History. In collaboration, the Trust and the University of Essex aim to make a real difference to the lives of people suffering with mental health problems, to promote resilience and positive mental health.

The University of East London (UEL) and the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust have been formally linked as collaborative partners since 1990, and there exist strong teaching links between teaching staff employed in the University and the Trust in the areas of Psychoanalytic Studies, Social Work and Systemic and Narrative Research. Teaching and research links exist with the Tavistock through the Family Therapy and Systemic Research Centre.

In 1999-2000 the Trust was given devolved powers in quality assurance and enhancement. Devolved responsibility covers: the consideration of Review and Enhancement reports (through the Tavistock Academic Governance and Quality Assurance (AGQA) Committee ); consideration of programme modifications for approved programmes; nomination of external examiners; nomination of external advisers for Academic Review; initial approval of new programme proposals for further consideration by the UEL Vice-Chancellor’s Group; and the chairing of assessment boards by selected staff who have received the UEL training. It was agreed in 2009 that the Trust be given devolved powers in respect of the administrative management of postgraduate research degrees including six professional doctorate programmes validated by the university. In 2010, the University agreed to devolve the processing of research ethics  applications for Masters dissertations to the Trust. In both areas, a Trust staff member (the Chair of the respective Trust committee) sits on the university’s Research Degrees and Research Ethics Committee.

Students already embarked on UEL-validated courses at the Tavistock will continue to work towards a UEL-accredited qualification and will benefit from UEL’s reputation for civic engagement.

UEL will continue to validate the award for all students (current and prospective) enrolling on our MA in Social Work (M23).

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Middlesex aims to be a global University. Based in North London, Middlesex recruits widely across the world and works in partnership to deliver outstanding higher education in many countries.

They work with prestigious academic partners all over the world to provide Middlesex degrees to thousands of international students in their home countries. These partners are often delivering Middlesex franchised or validated programmes to their students. There are 6000 students on such programmes outside the UK and 5000 in the UK. Middlesex is also pleased to have agreements with schools, colleges and universities - again, worldwide - whose students can progress to Middlesex after reaching agreed qualifications. Several hundred students progress to Middlesex in this way each year.

From October 2012, the Trust has delivered BSc (Hons) in the Dynamics of Mental Health Practice (D65) in partnership with Middlesex.