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We are delighted to be recognised as a Higher Education Provider by the The Office for Students (OfS) and we are the only NHS Trust on the OfS register!  This means that we are regulated to ensure that every student has a fulfilling experience of Higher Education that enriches their lives and careers.  It also means that we, as a mental health education provider, can influence topical debates in Higher Education for the benefit of our students, alumni and staff.

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What does this mean?

Being recognised as a Higher Education Provider is very important so that we can ensure our students both from the UK and abroad, staff and alumni are afforded many benefits, that are laid out below.   In addition, we are the only NHS Trust on the OfS register across England and Wales - something that we are very proud of! 

Being registered with the OfS means that we have demonstrated that: 

  • we provide well-designed courses that deliver a high-quality academic experience for all our students
  • we support students from admission through to completion
  • ensure students’ outcomes are valued by employers or enable further study
  • we award qualifications that hold their value over time, in line with recognised standards
  • we pay regard to guidance about how to comply with consumer protection law
  • we have the financial resources to provide and deliver the courses advertised
  • we have the management and governance arrangements necessary to provide and deliver the courses advertised
  • we have a published Student Protection Plan setting out the risks of course, campus or provider closure and how it will protect your interests in such an event.
We are also able to be more engaged with developments across the Higher Education sector to the benefit of students and staff and this increases our capacity to offer the best learning experience and career progression to  our students.  

As one of our students you can be assured that we have had to comply with regulations that prove that we can provide you with:

  • help to access, succeed in, and progress from higher education
  • a high-quality academic experience
  • protection of your interests whilst you study
  • the opportunity to progress to employment or further study, with qualifications that hold their value over time
  • value for money for your education and training.

Registration with the OfS provides our international students on a 'Tavistock and Portman Student Visa' a number of benefits including:

  • The permission to work 20 hours per week during term-time and full-time during vacations for degree level and above study. Additionally, students studying a course below degree level may work up to 10 hours per week during term-time and full-time during vacations.
  • Students can spend up to 50% of the total length of their course on a work placement if they are studying a course at degree level or above.
  • Students studying at RQF level 7 or above (and equivalents) have the ability to bring dependents to the UK.
  • Students studying at degree level or above can benefit from the exceptions to the study time limits which currently apply to students studying at a Higher Education Institution.

If you hold a current Tier 4 visa it remains valid and continues with exactly the same conditions and rights as before and we will be working with our current international students to ensure they receive the correct advice and, where possible, ensure they can also benefit from the above.  If you are a current student, please contact us at if you have any questions.

Our degree courses have been examined and assured to:
  • ensure your course outcomes are valued by employers 
  • ensure your course outcomes enable further study
  • show that our award qualifications will hold their value over time, in line with recognised standards.

In addition, as a Higher Education Provider, we can inform and influence discussions around what the mental health workforce needs from those that are working towards qualifications.  This means that your work will be relevant and required upon graduation. 

Registration with the Office for Students further cements recognition of the value and position of our education provision in the Higher Education sector.  It underscores the quality of our provision and underpins our standing as a relevant, contemporary and professional educational institution and ensures that our students are supported in their learning and development. 

It will also provide opportunities for us to more directly influence Higher Education policy and participate in the key issues in the sector that impact on our students and our own working lives. It will also increase our sector links and networks and provide further opportunities for increasing our reach and impact.

If you have any questions around what this means for you, please email us at

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