Annual course monitoring

This section is written for Course Teams and students, particularly those who are student reps on Course Committees and wish to understand more about the process.

For a number of years, the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust has participated in the annual monitoring all courses delivered by the Trust and validated by our three University partners : University of East London, University of Essex and Middlesex University, in line with the Expectations of the Quality Assurance Agency Chapter B8.

Annual Monitoring is a report in the form of a pro-forma written by the Course Lead with input from other members of the course team, and is intended to be a retrospective critical self-evaluation of the course. It takes into account the following:

  • Feedback from student surveys
  • Progression and retention data (e.g. withdrawals and fails)
  • External Examiner feedback
  • Course Committee minutes
  • Action plan from the previous cycle

Course Leads create an action plan for the forthcoming academic year (15/16) based on the conclusions that they have drawn from their analysis of the information listed above.
For those courses delivered outside of the Trust, the parent course REP includes both comparative analysis of performance and identifies and actions issues that are common to delivery and outcome in all centres of delivery.

Trust Academic Governance and Quality Committee: To consider and approve the proposal; to receive and consider the overview report and action plan; to monitor and ensure the progress of the action plan.

Associate Dean, Quality: To write the annual course monitoring overview report; to chair the cluster/portfolio-level peer review meetings and the Trust-level quality review meeting.

Quality Assurance Officer: To arrange and take notes at the Academic Tutor Forum meeting; to write and present the Annual Course Monitoring proposal; to ensure the pro-forma is updated and all course-level data is added to the form and circulated to course teams; to provide guidance to interested parties; to arrange and take notes at the Portfolio meetings and the Quality Peer Review meeting; to receive and collate submissions and circulate to relevant colleagues; to support the Chair of AGQA in the writing of the overview report and action plan.

Portfolio Manager/Cluster Lead: To read the completed pro-forms within the Portfolio/Cluster and provide support and feedback; to attend and participate in the Cluster/Portfolio-level peer review meeting and the Trust-level Quality Review meeting.

Course Lead: To complete, with the support and contribution of the rest of the course team, the annual course monitoring pro-forma and submitting to the Academic Governance and Quality Assurance Unit to the deadline specified, along with any amendments to the Programme Specifications where necessary. To take the completed form and action plan to Course Committees and report on progress relating to the action plan.

Course Committees: To receive the Report and Action Plan throughout the year and monitor progress.

Students: Representatives are responsible for considering the completed form and giving feedback at Course Committees.

May: Course Tutor Forum meet to discuss the plan for the current cycle. They will consider:

  • Recommendations from University reviews of the previous year’s submissions
  • Enhancements to the process or pro-forma
  • Amendments to University regulations or QAA Quality Code
  • Enhancement themes (although in the following cycle it is proposed that the themes are decided a year in advance).

June-August: The Quality Unit input course level data onto the form, including student characteristics, survey and progression and achievement data and send to course teams along with guidance.

September-October: The Course Leads, with support from their course teams, complete the pro-forma and action plan. They consider any amendments they wish to make and complete the relevant course amendments application, and/or amend (with tracked changes) the programme specification (where applicable) and return to the Quality Unit.

November (early): The Clusters/Portfolios meet to discuss and peer-review the reports and enhancement themes (Portfolio meeting). These will take place in the Committee Room on:

  • Level 8 (Doctoral courses): Monday 2 November 2015 11am-12.30pm
  • Level 6 and 7: Tuesday 3 November 2015 2.00pm-3.30pm
  • Level 6 and 7: Thursday 5 November 2015 11.30am-1.00pm

November (late): The Cluster Leads/Portfolio Managers meet with the Associate Dean, Quality to discuss the reports (Quality Peer Review meeting). This will take place in the Committee Room on:

  • All Levels: Thursday 19 November 2015 2pm-4pm

December: The Associate Dean, Quality writes the overview report and action plan and submits to Academic Governance and Quality Assurance Committee, and the relevant committees of the validating partner universities. The approved report is published on the Trust website.

December-April: The Course Committees consider the course report and the course-level action plan which they receive again at subsequent meetings; The Academic Governance and Quality Assurance Committee receive the overview report and action plan, and receive and monitor the action plan at subsequent meetings.

Every year, we look at the Annual Course Monitoring Reports and pick out key themes to address at a Trust (rather than a course) level. The reports from the last three years are available below: