Quality assurance

The Academic Governance and Quality Assurance (AGQA) Unit works within the Department for Education and Training at the Trust. 

We work with and support the course teams to ensure a fair, equitable student experience and high quality courses.

The work that we cover includes:

Annual course monitoring

This section is written for Course Teams and students, particularly those who are student reps on Course Committees and wish to understand more...

Audits and reviews

In order to maintain the quality and standards of our provision, it is important for us to engage with reviews which enable us to gain objective...

Quality enhancement reports

To read about the type of enhancement activity we’ve been involved in, please see the following reports:

External examiners

External Examiners have an integral role to play in ensuring academic standards and quality assurance of the validated courses that are delivered...

Programme specifications

Programme specifications provide key information about our courses.

Course development

All courses delivered at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust have been developed in keeping with the Trust’s mission and with the...

University partners

The Trust works in conjunction with three university validating partners.


The Directorate of Education and Training has a number of committees:

Student regulations, policies and procedures

As a student at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, you are entering into a contractual agreement between you, the Trust and any...

Annual Student Survey

Your opinion matters.

Our Team:

Head of Academic Governance and Quality Assurance: Simon Carrington

Senior Quality Assurance Officer: Rebecca Bouckley

Senior Quality Assurance Officer: Paru Jeram