Academic frameworks and award classification

Academic frameworks are the structure of a course.

The framework relating to your course will depend upon which university partner validates your course. Within the frameworks it specifies, for example, how many credits are needed to complete the course, any specifications around the size and length of Modules, credit accumulation and so on.

All our taught courses validated with the University of Essex fall under the University of Essex postgraduate taught credit framework and rules of assessment, including postgraduate certificate and diploma awards, masters awards, graduate diploma and graduate certificate awards.

Our professional doctoral courses validated with Essex fall under the University of Essex professional doctorate rules of assessment which can be accessed in the assessment and feedback section of this site.

The University’s policy on credit accumulation.

Documents at a glance:

The academic frameworks for UEL-validated courses have been specifically written by the Trust to be relevant to our unique academic and clinical portfolio.

These policies go through a rigorous approval process both locally and the UEL. We refer to them below as ‘Trust-UEL’ documents due to their joint authorship.

They include information about the structure of our courses, accreditation of prior learning, the types of awards we offer and assessment boards.

Documents at a glance:

The Learning Framework, found in section A of the University Regulations.