Student surveys

The Trust runs an annual survey to gather the views and opinions of all students studying at the Trust:

We have also participated in the postgraduate research experience survey (PRES) alongside our validating partners University of Essex and University of East London. This is a national survey run by the Higher Education Academy and runs on a biennial cycle.

Areas of good practice

In addition to areas that we need to work on, it is also important to keep in mind the areas where you tell us we do well – so that we can learn from this and continue developing in these areas as well. You consistently tell us that we do well in the following areas:

  • Learning and teaching
  • Student engagement (taught courses)
  • Professional relevance of our courses
  • Overall quality of our courses

Overview reports and action plans

We take your feedback extremely seriously and create analysis reports and comprehensive, wide-ranging action plans based on the results. Your feedback is also included at a course level in the annual review of our courses which the course teams look at and respond to with a course-level action plan. These are considered and discussed at course committees. For information about becoming a student rep on course committees, please find more information here.

2015/16 academic year

  • Overview report for the 2015/16 academic year coming soon!

2014/15 academic year

2013/14 academic year

Areas for improvement: our response to your feedback

Here are some of the areas in the past that we have improved, based on your feedback from these surveys:

You said: teaching facilities could be improved (student feedback exercise 2013)
We: invested in further refurbishment of teaching facilities (Summer 2014)

You said: you weren’t aware of support services which are available to students (student feedback exercise 2014)
We: created new web pages providing information on the services available to students

You said: you felt we could improve access to the wider research community (research degrees survey 2013)
We: have been working on developing a research conference and research week, as well as working on creating research web pages which draw together current and past research across the Trust.

You said: you felt that the promptness of assessment feedback could be improved (research degrees survey 2013)
We: have been working across all our courses (doctoral and masters-level) to improve feedback turnaround times and have developed online submission on many of our courses, which we hope to roll out to all courses over the coming year.

You said: you felt that you needed more support with processes such as registration and ethical approval.
We: have provided more training for supervisors so that they are better equipped to support you in these processes. We also now have a member of staff at the Trust sitting on the University Partners’ Research Ethics Committee.

You said: you felt that IT facilities did not meet expectations.
We: have made significant appointments within IT and technology enhanced learning to push forward the IT agenda. In addition, the library has been refurbished and provides more, and better quality, computer and study facilities.

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