Student surveys

The Trust runs an annual survey to gather the views and opinions of all students studying at the Trust – this is your chance to tell us what you think!

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Areas of good practice

In addition to areas that we need to work on, it is also important to keep in mind the areas where you tell us we do well – so that we can learn from this and continue developing in these areas as well. You consistently tell us that we do well in the following areas:

  • Learning and teaching
  • Student engagement 
  • Professional relevance of our courses
  • Overall quality of our courses

Course Organisation and Communication

You said that we could be better at communicating with you, and so we’ve set up a working group  and a project is under way to look at how we can communicate better with you. We’re working with admin and course teams to work out better, smarter ways of communicating, including the web, emails, Moodle, posters, guidance booklets, the Academic Hub, and more.

Research Culture

You (Doctoral students) said that you didn’t feel part of a research community, and so we’re looking at mapping research activity across DET and the Trust to identify areas where you can be more involved in Trust level research. We’re also looking at raising the profile of our Research Week and Doctoral Conference which is available to all Doctoral students and will be running from the 29th April 2019.

Assessment and Feedback

As an important aspect of your course, we’re always looking at how to improve our assessment and feedback. We’re looking at how we can use more formative feedback throughout the year, and looking at more flexible online marking tools for different ways of providing feedback.

Course Level

At a course level, course teams look at the survey responses and draw up an action plan as part of the annual course monitoring process. These action plans are taken to your Course Committees so that you have the chance to discuss the actions and receive updates on their progress.

We take your feedback extremely seriously and create analysis reports and comprehensive, wide-ranging action plans based on the results. Your feedback is also included at a course level in the annual review of our courses which the course teams look at and respond to with a course-level action plan. These are considered and discussed at course committees.

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