Dean's Forum

In 2015, we introduced a  new committee to encourage greater collaborative and innovative working between staff and students.

We want to be as responsive as possible to student feedback and to have a forum where a strong student representation is present to consider and discuss issues around the student experience – such as student support services, fairness and equality of opportunity, the Trust’s education and training aspirations, and important policies, procedures or regulations that may impact on the student experience.

To give this committee the status it deserves, it will be chaired by the director of education and training.

Student representatives

We are looking for eight student representatives to be on this committee – from a cross-section of our academic portfolio. We will offer an honorarium to compensate for your time and expenses associated with being on this committee, which will meet three times a year.

Please contact the secretary Rebecca Bouckley for further information about becoming a student member of this committee.

Terms of reference and membership

Please click here for the terms of reference and membership of this committee.

If you are a member you can access papers, agendas and minutes by logging into Moodle.

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