Student contribution

We need your help as students to make sure we provide the service that you need while you are studying with us.

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We also need to know what we’re doing right and what we might need to improve on. There are several different ways to get involved with varying levels of commitment. Please help us to ensure that our courses live up to their world-class reputation

Being a student rep

We want to collaborate with you to provide you and future students with the best possible courses and student experience, wherever you are studying...

Student surveys

The Trust runs an annual survey to gather the views and opinions of all students studying at the Trust – this is your chance to tell us what you...

Course committees

We hold at least two course committees per year for each long course that we offer at the Trust.

Dean's Student Forum

Bring your experience as students to this forum, and help us work together to make the best experience for you.

Your student feedback

You can post informal feedback, by completing this online form (below), or by posting written comments (FAO Academic Quality Unit) in the DET...

BAME student and trainee group

The BAME student and trainee group offers an opportunity for those students from a BAME background to share their experience of training at the...

LGBTQi+ student and trainee group

Our LGBTQi+ Student and Trainee Group exists to provide a safe environment for our LGBTQi+ students and their friends to meet and discuss matters...

Quality committee (AGQA)

The Academic Governance and Quality Assurance Committee (known as Quality Committee, or AGQA), is one of the key committees in the Education and...


The Directorate of Education and Training has a number of committees:

Information about making a complaint

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CORONAVIRUS CONTACT FORM - for all student enquiries please click on this link

This is the form to use with any general enquiries you may have, relating to the current situation and your studies.  We will aim to respond to an enquiry within two working days, but please be aware that our ability to respond depends on staff availability.