Welcome Week 2020

Welcome Week will take place online from Monday 21 September to Friday 25 September. Please head to our induction page to find details about your course specific induction and other key dates.

The Trust’s Welcome Week is about preparing you for the start of your studies with an induction, the chance to meet your fellow students and staff and completing some essential enrolment and administrative tasks, as well as mandatory governance tasks

Additionally, there are some fun and friendly welcome events for everyone to attend if they would like to do so.  We will be announcing our list of social events for 2020 shortly and previous events have included a film night, a walk and a drink on Hampstead Heath, a student social night and a forum with our Dean.  Due to the current situation surrounding Covid-19, all of our activities will be conducted online.

Welcoming everyone

We are committed to equality of opportunity – and we aim to make sure our students and staff are treated respectfully and regardless of difference. In our clinical practice, teaching and research, we are committed to inclusivity and excellence and your learning experience will be grounded in these principles.

Walk on the Heath