Student life

Student Groups

LGBTQ+ student and trainee group

Our LGBTQ+ society exists to provide a safe environment for our LGBTQ+ students and their friends to meet and discuss matters on behalf of the LGBTQ+ student community and promote awareness of LGBTQ+ issues. Please take a look at the webpage: LGBTQ+ student and trainee group and see the welcome week calendar of events for the group’s welcome meetings.

BAME student and trainee group

The BAME student and trainee group offers an opportunity for students to meet and support each other and to share experiences as students who are concerned with and interested in issues relating to culture, race and ethnicity in a predominantly white organisation. Please take a look at the webpage: BAME student and trainee group and see the welcome week calendar of events for the group's welcome meetings.

Film society: The Projections Society

The Projections Society is a film club run by our trainees, for the benefit of both students and staff of the Tavistock and Portman. They have termly screenings of exciting cinema which aims to stimulate learning by enlightening the established links between psychotherapy and the cinematic form. Please take a look at the webpage: The projections society: a film club.

Student engagement

We are keen to connect with our students at all levels of the organisation. For this reason we create as many formal and informal spaces for you to feedback your views and to hear what we’re doing to respond to your feedback. To register your interest in any of the following, please contact Rebecca Bouckley.

Course Committees and student representatives

All courses hold at least two Course Committees per year which are chaired by the Course Lead, to listen and respond to your feedback about the course. Student representatives are invited and encouraged to attend. At the committees, the course leads review their courses, triangulating data, feedback from you and feedback from other sources, to look at how they can continually improve their courses. Student reps also receive a monthly newsletter to update them on Trust-wide developments and activities relating to them. To find out more or to become a student rep, please contact your course administrator.

Trust committees

We also invite students to become student reps on Directorate-wide committees, such as the Learning and Teaching Committee, and the Quality Committee. Both of these have a remit for enhancing the education and training experience, and your involvement can help to make a difference at a Trust level.

Dean's Student Forum

The Dean’s Student Forum is a friendly and informal space for you to come together with the Dean and senior managers to discuss your ideas and thoughts about being a student at the Tavi over a cup of tea and food. We try to arrange these to fit around your timetables as much as possible, so they are at breakfast and lunchtimes. Here are the dates for the 2019/20 academic year (please note that these are subject to change depending on numbers, please look out for invitations closer to the time to book your place):


Autumn Term: November - Tues 5th 8am and Weds 6th 12pm

Spring Term: February - Weds 5th 8am and Thurs 6th 12pm

Summer Term: May - Tues 5th 12pm and Thurs 7th 8am

Trust events

The Trust has a thriving academic community, where colleagues come together to share ideas and address all kinds of current issues. We hold regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes, Thinking Space events and forums allied to contemporary issues and debate in the mental health and social care fields. Please look out for the dates and times of these events on Moodle and email.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

The Trust offers a broad spectrum of short courses and events that deliver high quality CPD, ranging from one day, to ten weeks, to a year. Head to the Tavistock and Portman website and search for CPD for more information on all our courses.  A 20% discount is available for all current students on the majority of our CPD courses.

Development of psychoanalytic theory: Lecture series (PC4)

This lunchtime lecture series is open to all students taking any of the courses in the Trust at no extra cost. It starts with a general introduction to psychoanalysis situating it both historically and conceptually and then systematically works its way through Freud's key papers (over about a term and a half) and then looks at the work of Anna Freud, Winnicott, Klein, Rosenfeld, Segal, Bion and Joseph. The series runs on Wednesday lunchtimes from 11.45am-1.15pm.

For further details, please see the course page:

 To enrol, please follow this link -   Please book using your existing MyTap account to book at no cost.

Thinking space

Thinking space is a series of regular meetings, facilitated by clinical staff experienced in working with diverse and disadvantaged communities. Facilitators seek to create a safe, inclusive and non-judgemental environment to enable local people to talk about their experiences and think about how best to address individual or community issues.

Thinking Space encourages participants to reflect on their own and other people’s experience to generate ideas about how to address difficulties. This helps them to make changes and build the strength and resilience needed to confront adversity. Our approach is unique because it combines individual wellbeing and community development. This helps to strengthen interpersonal relationships and also build neighbourliness and community support networks. You can go to the Tavistock and Portman website and search for Thinking Space for more details.

Student Facilities


Our fifth floor cafe provides fresh, homemade food every day at very reasonable prices. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are available throughout the day as well as fresh ground coffee, a variety of teas, and a full range of still and sparkling soft drinks.

Seminar rooms

Much of your teaching will take place in the seminar rooms on the ground floor of the Trust. They are numbered 1-11.


Some clinical teaching is carried out in studios A-E at the far end of the DET corridor on the 2nd floor.

Lecture theatre

The Trust’s largest teaching space is the lecture theatre on the fifth floor.

Small teaching space and tutors rooms

There are teaching spaces in offices on all floors of the Trust and if you are given a room number, it will be on the number floor that the room number begins – i.e. room 261, Academic Hub, is on the 2nd floor.

All gender toilets

You will find these toilets located on the ground floor at the start of the library corridor and on the third floor.

Common room

The student common room is located at the back of the café on the fifth floor.

There is also a noticeboard in the corridor leading to the common room for students. In the common room, you will also find lockers for bags.

Multi-faith prayer room

You will find the multi-faith prayer room located on the ground floor in the corridor leading into the garden wing.

First aid

If you need first aid assistance please go to the medical room at the start of the library corridor  on the ground floor which is next to seminar room 4.

Vending machines

There are vending machines throughout the building where you can purchase hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Local life

The Trust is situated on Belsize Lane and Fitzjohn’s Avenue in Hampstead, Camden. It is close to Finchley Road, Swiss Cottage and Belsize Park underground stations.

It is a green, leafy part of London with much to offer. Below we have listed a few places of interest but for more detailed information about London, please google Time Out.

Finchley Road

You will find a large and varied selection of shops and eateries on Finchley Road, including a Waitrose, Marks and Spencers, Boots, the O2 Shopping Centre and much more.

Belsize Village

If you turn left on exiting the building, you will find a small selection of eateries, a deli, a chemist, greengrocers and more, only a short stroll away in Belsize Village.


If you walk up Fitzjohn’s Avenue, you will find yourself in the middle of Hampstead’s main shopping street, with its large array of restaurants and shops.

Arts and culture

Camden Arts Centre:

The Freud Museum:

Hampstead Theatre:

The Roundhouse:

Hampstead Arts Festival:

Kenwood House:


Finchley Road O2 Centre – Shopping, Food, Cinema:

Odeon Cinema Swiss Cottage:

Everyman Cinema – Hampstead:

Everyman Cinema – Belsize Park:

Green spaces and parks

Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill:

Highgate Woods:

Hampstead Heath:

Markets and guides to the area

London Farmers’ Markets:

Love Camden:

Hampstead Village:

Spitalfields Market:

Primrose Hill Market:

Leisure centres

Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre:

Talacre Community Sports Centre:

Kentish Town Centre:

Local libraries and online learning centres:


Local Letting Agents:

List of local bed and breakfasts in Swiss Cottage:

South Place Hotel:

The Landmark London:

The Langorf:

Dawson House:

London Marriot Hotel Regents Park:

Charlotte Guest House:

Best Western Swiss Cottage Hotel:

The Nayland Hotel:

The Pride of Paddington:

Hotel Sophia:

Support and wellbeing

The Samaritans:

Save the Student:

Bright Knowledge:

Student rail cards and TLF Oyster discounts

You will find details about eligibility for student rail cards and TFL Oyster discounts on your induction information sheet.  For those who are eligible, please find further details below.

Please follow this link and read the details carefully.

A quick check to make sure you're eligible...16-25? 

If you’re between 16 and 25 years old, you’re eligible. In this case, you can buy your Railcard online using a valid debit or credit card, a valid UK driving license or international passport, and a digital passport-style photo for uploading. It will then be delivered for free within 5 working days.

A mature student?

  • To be eligible as a mature student and buy a 1-year Railcard, you will need:
  • To be attending a recognised college or university, for over 15 hours a week, at least 20 weeks a year. Unfortunately, Open University, distance learning and part-time courses do not qualify.  (Intermitting students are not eligible to apply – must be fully enrolled current student on full time course)
  • To have the mature student section of the 16-25 Railcard application form completed by your College or University.
  • Have an NUS card or College/University photocard as proof of identity.

As a mature student, you can now apply online, but you’ll need to submit evidence of your eligibility when applying. You can do this by to uploading the signed Mature Student declaration (PDF. File size: 40KB) section of the 16-25 Railcard application form, a scanned copy of your student photocard, and a digital passport-style photo.

Mature students will need to provide evidence of continuing study every year, and so are only eligible to apply for the 1-year Railcard.

Students over 25 years can also use the same form:-

I am over 25 years old and in full time education – can I apply for a Railcard?
Yes. We define full-time study as attending college or University (in the United Kingdom) for 15 hours or more a week for at least 20 weeks a year.

TFL oyster discounts

Please follow the link and read the details carefully.

To apply for an Oyster Card, you must be enrolled:

·        With a school, college or university that's registered on the TfL scheme and

·        On a mandatory work placement in London or on an eligible full-time or part-time course.

But you must be:

·       A student aged 18 or over

·        Living at a London address during term time

·        Enrolled with a participating school, college or university that's registered on the TfL scheme (which we are)

You must also be one of the following:

·      Enrolled on a full-time course including at least 15 tuition-led and/or structured learning hours a week (with attendance at scheduled classes being Monday to Friday only and not including evening classes) over a minimum of 14 weeks on the same course (But not a course where your fees are being paid for you)**

·      Receiving NHS bursary money* as a full-time student

·      A full-time postgraduate student (for example, studying or writing up for 15 or more hours a week) (But not a course where your fees are being paid for you)**

·       Enrolled on a part-time course lasting a period of at least 14 weeks and either:

·      A part-time student receiving NHS bursary money* or

·       A part-time postgraduate student receiving financial help from your education establishment as part of their Higher Education Council for England (HEFCE) discretionary additional support (such as Student Opportunity allocation or Access to Learning Fund)

*You must provide your school, college or university with satisfactory evidence of your sponsorship before they can validate your application.     

Finding your way around London

Transport for London – first stop to finding your way around London

The Citymapper website and app is also really helpful for planning your journey:

Hire a Santander Bike to make your way around:

Visit London Website – walking in London and more: Visit London

Get a personalised tour of London – London Greeters:

Download the Enrolment and welcome guide for new students AY 2019-20

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If you require a large print, monochrome or other accessible version of this guide please contact