New students

We are delighted you have chosen to study with the Trust either at the Tavistock Centre in London or at one of our national centres.

Foreword from our Dean


I am delighted you will be studying with us.  As a Trust, we provide education and training which enables professionals to work in more meaningful, effective, and rewarding ways with patients and each other. Drawing from our own clinical experience in the NHS, social care, schools, criminal justice and other sectors, and informed by our research and implementation and evaluation of innovative clinical interventions, we work in close partnership with Health Education England, University of Essex and professional bodies to ensure that your learning outcomes enable you to work effectively and satisfyingly in complex and difficult settings. Never has this been more crucial. 

2020 had us celebrating our first hundred years.  Our programmes are founded on a distinguished heritage and tradition combined with contemporary relevance and innovation.  Despite challenges and uncertainties in 2021, we are confident to be able to provide a first rate learning experience which is accessible and open and aspires to reflect the diversity of modern Britain. Whether you are joining us to pursue a change of career or be supported to develop your current knowledge and skills base further, we are delighted you have chosen to do this with us. 

Your development is at the heart of our mission.  Don’t leave it here, get in touch, attend one of our open events and start a conversation.  

Brian Rock, Director of Education and Training, and Dean of Postgraduate Studies

A word from our Chief Executive

Paul Jenkins

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you all. I hope you find your first week with us helpful and informative; I encourage you to make the most of the opportunity to meet fellow students.

Fundamental to our mission is the belief in the importance of relationships, from the earliest relationships that forge our inner lives and grasp of the world, through family, friends and the wider groups to which we belong. Our traditions remain at the core of our offer and through our practitioner-tutor model, we ensure that our trainings remain relevant, accessible and welcoming. 

We are working hard to make the Tavistock and Portman a genuinely diverse and inclusive institution, to ensure all our training tackles head on issues of culture and race and to do we everything we can to make students from black or other minority ethnic backgrounds welcome.  We know we have more to do but we are committed to developing an anti-racist approach across our all our activities. 

We are a broad family and our students are an integral part of our mission.  It is my pleasure to welcome you to part of this truly excellent learning environment.

Paul Jenkins OBE, Chief Executive

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