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Our training programme has at its core a desire to ensure that women in London meet professionals across the pathway who have the skills, competencies and expertise to assess, refer, treat and manage their conditions as effectively as possible. Our perinatal continuing professional development courses will help you to develop your abilities in this area and progress your career.

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The aim of the London Perinatal Mental Health Network is to ensure that all women in the perinatal period who require assessment, treatment and care for mental health problems access safe, effective, compassionate care in a timely way.

We have developed The London Perinatal Mental Health Workforce Training Programme in collaboration with the London Perinatal Mental Health Network. In addition to accessing Tavistock expertise, the delivery of the training courses draws on contemporary specialist Perinatal Mental practitioners working as Associates in collaboration with the Tavistock.

Building on our tradition, expertise and reputation in a number of domains, including infant mental health, the Tavistock has a leading role to play in addressing some of the workforce challenges in relation to training and practice development that will underpin delivery of the ambitions of the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health

One of the key objectives of the Mental Health Five Year Forward View is that by 2020/21, there will be increased access to specialist perinatal mental health support in all areas in England, in the community and inpatient mother and baby units (MBUs), allowing at least an additional 30,000 women each year to receive evidence-based treatment, closer to home, when they need it. This policy initiative is a response to the well-documented variation and fragmentation of provision and access to specialist perinatal mental health services across the country.

Our training has been designed to:

  • upskill the specialist perinatal mental health workforce
  • support the expansion of perinatal mental health community and inpatient services
  • upskill services who provide out of hours emergency care to women with serious perinatal mental illness
  • support ongoing work to standardise competencies in perinatal mental health practice 
  • promote the development of professional skills
  • reduce variation in service delivery 
  • enhance the provision of perinatal mental healthcare
  • improve recruitment and retention of the Perinatal Mental Health workforce.

Attendees on all training courses must be working within a London-based team.

Managers must identify suitable candidates and authorise attendance of their staff on the training.

Participants must commit to attending all days of the training. ( *Courses 4 & 5 must be done together).

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Full course details can be found below:

Course 1: Perinatal Training for Community and Inpatient Perinatal Mental Health Team Managers/Team Leaders

This 3-day course has been developed in line with the perinatal mental health competency framework and will address the complex issues facing...

Course 2: Perinatal Training for Community Perinatal Mental Health Practitioners in Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Teams

The course will be run over five consecutive days and six subsequent follow up days. Developed in line with the perinatal mental health competency...

Course 3: Perinatal Training for RMNs, OTs and SWs within HTT/Crisis/Emergency and Urgent Care and Psychiatric Liaison Teams

Perinatal mental disorders may require the management of extreme risk to a mother and her baby. This 2-day course aims to enhance the skills and...

Course 4: To train ‘Perinatal Training Champions’ in the inpatient and community specialist perinatal mental teams: maternity & health visiting services

This 2 day course has been developed to support inpatient and community perinatal mental health practitoners: midwives and health visitors in...

Course 5: Perinatal awareness, change and transformation

These Action learning Sets will provide support through work discussion groups to the Perinatal Training Champions who have attended Course 4 to...

Course 6: Perinatal training for psychologists and therapists in CAMHS and adult mental health teams

This is a two day course in Perinatal Mental Health for psychologists and therapists in CAMHS and adult mental health teams which has been...

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