Online CPD courses

A number of our CPD courses can be completed online, allowing you to develop your skills and progress your career wherever you are. 

Recognising the difficulties that the current COVID-19 situation is causing, our trainers are currently delivering our scheduled live courses remotely via video conferencing. Further details of these courses can be found under the relevant categories.

Our new Digital Academy offers a range of online courses, developed by leading clinical educators and varying in format, duration and level to suit your needs and schedule.

The courses below are designed for self directed study. 

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COVID-19: Psychological impact, wellbeing and mental health

We have collaborated with FutureLearn and Maudsley Learning to develop this free course that will identify the factors specific to COVID-19 that...

Families and beyond: an introduction to systemic thinking (Online)

We all live our lives in and through our relationships, both past and present, and we are all shaped by the social and cultural contexts in which...

Understanding development – adolescence (Online)

Adolescence is a time of life that is central to our sense of who we are in the world. It is a time of intense emotion, of startling changes, of...

Senior Mental Health Lead training: a whole school approach

Develop a personalised mental health and wellbeing plan for your setting with this four-course programme, which has been assured by the DfE for grant-funded Senior Mental Health Lead training.

Digital Academy Mini Course: Attachment Theory: How Children Learn What to Expect from Relationships

This five-hour, online course introduces the fundamental principles of attachment theory – exploring how the dynamics of early relationships can influence how children interact with the world in later life, and can impact on their development and resilience.

Digital Academy Mini Course: Nature vs Nurture: How Infants Learn to Fit into their Environments

This five-hour, online course explores how infants are influenced by, and adapt to, their environments – examining the profound effect that early experiences have on their brains, bodies and psyches, including the powerful impact of early relationships.

Digital Academy Mini Course: Trauma, Neglect and Building Resilience

This five-hour, online course will help you to make sense of the lives of children and young people who are struggling – identifying the characteristics and effects of trauma, abuse and neglect, and setting out ways to shift behavioural patterns and build resilience.

Digital Academy Mini Course: Children’s Brain and Emotional Development: What people working with children really need to know

This accessible, five-hour course introduces new research into the brain and nervous system – revealing important insights into the effects of early experiences which can directly inform your work with children and young people.

Digital Academy Course Bundle: Understanding and Nurturing Troubled Children

This cost-effective Course Bundle provides access to all four Mini Courses – each one drawing on the latest neurobiological science and tried-and-tested clinical ideas to unpack children’s emotional and psychological states.

Digital Academy Mini Course: A Brief Introduction to Perinatal Mental Health

This course provides a brief introduction to perinatal mental health, with a focus on some specific perinatal mental disorders, and an overview of the potential risks associated with perinatal mental illness. Developed in line with the perinatal mental health competency framework, the course builds knowledge and understanding, in order to enhance the care given to women, their infants and their families throughout the perinatal period.

Digital Academy Short Course: Introduction to Perinatal Mental Illness, Risk, Care and Treatment

This 20-hour course will provide an accessible introduction to various types of perinatal mental illness and the significant effect these can have on women, their infants, partners and families. You will learn about a range of factors that can contribute to mental health problems in pregnancy and after birth, as well as the risks that can be associated with perinatal mental illness.

Working Towards Wellbeing: Maintaining Hope in Uncertain Times 

This Digital Academy course presents practical ways for you and your colleagues to maintain hope during times of uncertainty –helping you to make sense of challenging experiences, strengthen relationships, and promote wellbeing.

Working Towards Wellbeing: The Resilient Workplace

This Digital Academy course explores how individual and organisational resilience can be understood and developed, in order to support mental health and wellbeing, and facilitate more effective teamwork, particularly in times of stress or change.

Working Towards Wellbeing: Working Towards Wellbeing: Trauma, Self-Care and Caring for Others

This Digital Academy course examines how and why traumatic responses are generated in the brain and body, and how different responses to trauma may look and feel, in order to create a more supportive, "trauma-informed" work environment.

Working Towards Wellbeing: Leadership, Followership and Mental Health 

This Digital Academy course introduces the concepts of ‘leadership’ and ‘followership’ in the context of the modern workplace –outlining how positive leader-follower relationships can be used to strengthen emotional and psychological wellbeing. 

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