Robust-Ed: Promoting resilience in young people, staff and communities

Course overview

The Robust-Ed programme focuses on resilience. A particular goal is to enable individuals and teams to recognise that they do not have the capacity to help others if they are not looking after themselves. Participants are taught about the importance of self-care, the neurological underpinnings of stress and anxiety and how to recognise stress in themselves.  

Facilitators teach participants a series of tools and techniques which are based on mentalization strategies designed to address anxiety and build resilience. Tools are primarily designed to be used with children and young people and include story-telling, thought bubbles and how to recognise when you are responding to a situation from a place of alarm and how to move to a place of calm.

In contrast to other programmes of this type, the Robust-Ed programme is cost-effective and can be used with any existing mental health strategies. Participants are taught how to implement strategies with children and young people as part of everyday practice and the tools do not require formal learning time to be allocated to their instruction. 

Participants will learn how to:

  • Confidently use resilience tools, story-telling, games and creative narratives.

  • Take away inspirational new ideas about the brain and how we can train our brains to notice the responses we have to difficult situations.

  • Develop new ways of thinking about feelings, thoughts and how to stimulate a ‘mentalizing community’.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others, and how mentalization unfolds in daily life.

Individuals and/or organisations working with children or young people who wish to increase their repertoire of ideas and resources.  This course is run by two experienced facilitators who can tailor aspects of the course to address the specific needs of your organisation. 

, feedback from the team has been very positive and [we]… have a much better understanding of mentalizing now.”

…it was a really interesting day and people were very engaged and on-board with the training. It was a really enjoyable day!”

“Feedback has been extremely positive with all participants saying they felt it was extremely valuable training. It has in fact highlighted to the school the need to further support some staff who are ‘in the front line’ delivering support to pupils.”

“The resources are able to be used straight away  – I used them the next day!”

Laverne Antrobus

Gill Allen

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The Tavistock Centre, London
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