Risk: A relational perspective

Course overview

This eight week course, delivered in both London and Leeds,  offers you an innovative framework for understanding the complex and subtle issues involved in assessing and managing the risk of violence and sexual offending.  You may work in a variety of settings, including generic mental health services, social care, forensic mental health and the criminal justice system.

This is an eight-week CPD short course and over the eight weeks, you will examine:

  • Introduction: models of risk assessment. Accuracy and limitations of different types of risk assessment.
  • Key psychodynamic concepts in understanding symptoms, offending and enactment.
  • Psychodynamics of the relationship between offender and victim, and between practitioner and client.
  • Psychodynamic theories of violence.
  • The impact of childhood development on adult enactment and offending: developmental history, attachment and cycles of violence and abuse.
  • Psychodynamic theories of sexual offending and perversion. 
  • Borderline and psychotic states of mind. 
  • What can be learned?

Each session will include a lecture and work discussion group.

This course is delivered by the renowned Portman Clinic and will introduce you to models of risk assessment and examine the accuracy and limitations of them.  You will also examine key psychodynamic concepts in understanding symptoms, offending and enactment and gain an understanding of the impact of childhood development on adult enactment and offending.  You will also examine psychodynamic theories of sexual offending and perversion and borderline and psychotic states of mind.

This course is for you if you work in criminal justice or mental health settings and come into contact with individuals who present a risk of harm to others. You may be a clinician or practitioner who assess and manages risk of harm to self or others in individuals with severe psychopathology in secure and community settings.

In order to undertake this course, we ask that you are a clinician or practitioner working in generic mental health services, social care, forensic mental health and the criminal justice system.

Although there are no formal academic entry requirement, we ask that you have had some previous learning /experience in the basics of psychodynamic theory.

The course is being delivered in two venues - the Portman Clinic in London (NW3) and at the Northern School of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy in Leeds (LS12).

For students that are studying with us in Leeds, the weekly lecture will be live linked from London.  Work discussion groups will be facilitated in Leeds by Jason B. Kaushal, child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Sessions will take place weekly on Thursday mornings from 10am to 1.00pm, over 8 weeks.

New dates will be published here in due course.

The fee for this course is £700


Trust Certificate
Course length:
8 weeks
London, Leeds
Admission status:
Course lead:
Stephen Blumenthal

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