Motivational interviewing

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Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a person-centred counselling style for addressing the common problem of ambivalence about change.

It has its roots in the field of substance use, but has now been successfully used in a multitude of settings, including probation and youth offending, mental health, GP and other healthcare settings, the reduction of HIV infection, Family Nurse Partnerships, pain management, improvement in recovery from stroke and increasingly in childcare settings.

MI is an evidence based approach with over 800 Randomised Control Trials and is also helpful in reducing worker stress.

The course will provide opportunities to observe and practise the approach in a protected environment. By the end of the course participants will feel able to start using Motivational Interviewing (MI) in their work settings.

Please note, MI does not have an evidence base for working with people with  significant learning difficulties.

The two day course introduces participants to the theory, spirit and principles in using MI to help people make positive change. The training will use a range of methods including didactic teaching, live demonstrations, audio, video and coaching. The training will aim to create a curiosity to learn more and develop practice.

This course will be delivered by a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) who has worked and trained across a wide range of settings, such as substance use, mental health, probation, youth offending and childcare social work.

The course is aimed at any professional working with adults, young people, children or families, where behavioural or attitudinal change is needed or desired. The course will provide opportunities to observe and practise the approach in a protected environment. By the end of the course, participants will feel able to start using MI in their work settings.

This course is also suitable as a refresher/update for people who trained in MI some time ago.

It’s the best course I have been on - Jan 19

Very intensive and full of great systems and useful provocation - Jan 19

The tutor was really great, she was brilliant at eliciting interaction and participation. The level was perfect - May 19

There will be 5 intakes scheduled for the 2020/21 academic year. Each day will run from 9am - 4.30pm. The dates for the intakes are as follows:

Intake One: 13 - 14 October 2020

Intake Two: 23 - 24 February 2021

Intake Three: 25 - 26 March 2021

Intake Four: 4 - 5 May 2021

Intake Five: 29 - 30 June 2021


To book onto Intake One (October 2020) click here

To book onto Intake Two (February 2021) click here

To book onto Intake Three (March 2021) click here

To book onto Intake Four (May 2021) click here

To book onto Intake Five (June 2021) click here

“Workshops are just the beginning of learning a complex skill.” (Miller 2004).

Becoming proficient in MI takes commitment and practice. With individual supervision and feedback following an introductory workshop, practitioners are more likely to master the approach. Individual or small group supervision sessions can be arranged with our trainer, Jackie Webb. These can be delivered at the Tavistock Clinic, in-house at your organisation (depending on location) or via Skype. For more information, please contact the CPD team at

“Personal MI supervision is invaluable to the development of my practice – it is a place I pause and reflect; gain insights into my strengths and areas for development; practice my MI skills using role play; and receive detailed feedback on recorded client sessions. For me, personal MI supervision is a stimulating and affirming experience in which I gain clarity and focus in the type of conversations I am trying to facilitate with my clients.” - A current supervisee

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2 days
The Tavistock Centre, London
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