M80 CPD modules for Child Psychotherapists

Course overview

All workshops will be held on a Wednesday during term time only (27 weeks of the academic year). Each workshop runs for 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is important that anyone joining attends on a regular basis. 

NOTE: Places on each workshop are limited and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

This workshop is designed to develop specialist skills for those with a particular interest in children and young people who have been Adopted or on Special Guardianship orders, or are Looked After in foster care, or other alternative care arrangements. It addresses a multitude of issues to do with working with this cohort of children and young people, their carers’, parents and families and the networks around them.


The workshop is structured so that there is a balance of presentations of clinical work by students and presentations by staff members engaged in this field, such as working with children in transition, the impact of early experience on living in new families, assessment, complex identity development, the professional and legal context, adaptation of technique and working with networks, foster carers and adopters. Depending on the group’s interests, we have also arranged presentations on FASD, same sex carers, concurrent planning, contact, siblings amongst others. Key literature and research are highlighted and discussed.

Start time: 11:30am

Fee: £800 per person

How to apply: Click HERE to apply for CPD95A Fostering, Adoption and Kinship Care Workshop.

Our work will focus on the discussion of child and adolescent cases where fear of dependency on good objects predominates. We will try to understand the defences frequently used in order to avoid dependency on "painfully precious" objects, for example dependency on or addiction to alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, gang membership or internal alliances interfering with healthy development. Many of the adolescents and children we will discuss may have suffered deprivation in their lives. A second, fortunately reversible, deprivation is brought about by the resort to internal or external harmful alliances (narcissistic structures).


Cases we discuss will include a variety of "gang dynamics" from mild to extreme, e.g., from the child hovering on the threshold of the therapy room negotiating permission to attend the session from an imaginary "friend" to cases of alarming drug addiction, eating disorders and suicidal ideation.


It is not necessary to have a case to present in order to attend the workshop but all participants will in turn take brief notes of the main themes emerging in the discussion, and will be encouraged to take an active part in thinking together.

Start time: 11:30am

Fee: £800 per person

How to apply: Click HERE to apply for CPD95B Workshop on Narcissistic Structures.

The Groups Workshop is a forum for discussion about group dynamics from a psychoanalytic perspective. Students’ work with groups forms the basis of most discussions but we also watch and discuss films and focus on readings. It is hoped that a wide variety of material will be brought from groups of children and young people of different ages, parent groups and short term and longer term groups. The workshop is open to all those with an interest in psychoanalytic approaches to group processes and not limited to those currently working with a group. 

Start time: 3:30am

Fee: £800 per person

How to apply: Click HERE to apply for CPD95E Groups Workshop.

This multi-disciplinary workshop offers opportunities for induction into the Tavistock model of brief as well as longer term interventions with women and babies during the perinatal period, infants, toddlers, children under five and their families. 

 The workshop is structured to include:

  • Clinical presentations by participants of their clinical work with this age group
  • Sharing clinical experiences of working with infants from different cultural backgrounds and family contexts
  • Exploring opportunities to offer parent infant work and psychoanalytically informed applied work within a range of different settings
  • Relevant clinical and theoretical reading focusing on the Tavistock, as well as other approaches to work with parent, infant and young children
  • Exploration of some of the challenges and complexities facing professionals working at the interface between infant and adult mental health
  • Discussion about developing Under Fives Services and the organizational aspects to consider within the current political and legislative climate
  • The role of consultation in under 5’s work
  • An external speaker once a term

We will explore current research, clinical and theoretical developments in the field, and invite participants to exchange ideas with us. We draw on the literature of child development research for evidence that affirms the key psychoanalytic concepts that we use.

Our multi-disciplinary colleagues illuminate different aspects of the work, helping us to think about the family from a number of perspectives. 

Start time: 11:30am

Fee: £800 per person

How to apply: Click HERE to apply for CPD95F Perinatal and Early Years Workshop.

Certificate of attendance
Course length:
1 year
Admission status:
September 2019 to July 2020