Introduction to Psychodynamic Concepts: A workshop for mental health professionals

Course overview

This is a five-day workshop for qualified mental health professionals and those nearing the end of their training. It aims to provide an introduction to the ideas and concepts involved in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Some of the applications of psychodynamic thinking both within and outside the clinical setting are introduced. There will also be opportunities for thinking about the place of psychodynamic ideas in working with mental health.

The week is made up of lectures and discussions, small and large group meetings. The lectures and discussions allow participants to learn from the experience of others, whilst small groups and large group sessions provide an opportunity to learn from one’s own experience. Participants usually come from a variety of training courses and work settings across the country and the opportunity to meet and think with colleagues and fellow trainees from other schemes is a valued part of the learning experience.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

The course is non-residential and participants who come from outside London are expected to find their own accommodation.


There will be two each day. The lectures will cover theoretical and practical aspects of some of the ideas and concepts used in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Clinical illustrations will be included. Time will be allowed for discussion of the topics introduced and this will form an important part of the learning process.

Small Groups

There will be two each day from Monday to Thursday and one on Friday.

The group will have two tasks:

• To think about the experience of working as a mental health professional

• To study the functioning of the group itself i.e. to study the behaviour of the group as it happens

So for example, the group might wish to pay attention to the ways in which it tackles the first task, and how it goes about engaging with the second task. The group might also reflect on concepts being discussed on other parts of the course, how they link with the experience of being a counselling/clinical psychologist and with the experience of being in the group.

It is hoped that members will also feel free to bring illustrations from their own work settings, to enable the group to pursue its tasks. Members will stay in the same groups for the whole week. Each group will have a consultant who will work to the two tasks.

Large Group Meetings

There will be a large group meeting at the end of each day, Monday to Thursday. They will offer an opportunity to reflect on the experiences of the day, and for the small groups to share their thinking with each other. It will also provide an experience of being in a large group and thinking about the difference between the functioning of a large group and that of a small group. Both the small groups and the large group meetings are intended to give workshop members an experience of group dynamics and processes, which are then available for study. A consultant will attend each meeting.

Application Groups

In the application groups, which take place on the last day, members who have come from the same training schemes or work settings will, as much as possible, be returned together.

The application groups are intended to provide an opportunity to think about ways in which the experience of the workshop can be applied to the work setting of the participating members. A staff member will be present to facilitate the group.

This workshop is for any qualified mental health professionals and those nearing the end of their training, with an interest in learning about the ideas and concepts involved in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

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“Fantastic - I’ve learnt so much about myself and others!”

“Incredibly stimulating - made me think and feel like never before.”

“I’m going to leave a different person and take a number of things with me.”

“A really rich experience, it felt like the structure was well thought out - i.e. the combination of lectures and experiential groups. Was great to be fully immersed in the experience.”

£695 (£556 per person for groups of 3 or more)

Once we have received your application, you will be asked to fill out an additional form so that the course facilitators can understand what you are hoping to get out of the course and what your background experience is.

Certificate of attendance
Course length:
5 days
Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Lane, NW3 5BA
Admission status:
Course lead:
Linda Young

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