COVID-19: Psychological impact, wellbeing and mental health

We have collaborated with FutureLearn and Maudsley Learning to develop this free course that will identify the factors specific to COVID-19 that impact our wellbeing and mental health – at an individual, group and societal level.

The coronavirus pandemic is placing unprecedented mental strain on people around the world. You may be caring for someone vulnerable, struggling with finances, at risk yourself, or even grieving a loved one. All our lives have been affected.

Across three weeks, we will cover helpful strategies and advice on how to deal with the anxiety and uncertainty of COVID-19, cope with its challenges, and ultimately prepare for life after coronavirus.

  • Week 1: The Psychological Impact of COVID-19

  • Week 2: Steps to Take to Cope with COVID-19

  • Week 3: What Next? Preparing for Life after COVID-19

The course combines a variety of interactive steps that include videos, case studies articles, discussions and polls.

You will meet three people (played by actors) who will share their stories, from which we will consider the impact of COVID-19 and coping strategies.

We are very interested in your own experiences, which we encourage you to share through our discussions and polls. We will also provide some key information and articles throughout.

  • Improve understanding of the psychological impact of COVID-19 on wellbeing and mental health in society

  • Develop knowledge of the impact of COVID-19 on me and those around me

  • Improve ability to apply knowledge around managing my own wellbeing and mental health during COVID-19

  • Improve understanding of the psychological impact of COVID-19 on my support network, work colleagues and local community

  • Engage with peers to create learning opportunities with others interested in mental health and COVID-19

  • Reflect on the experiences of others regarding COVID-19

We are excited to bring together a range of people with a range of experiences and perspectives on COVID-19 and mental health. We hope to learn together with mental healthcare service users, carers, families, health and social care workers, people in any workplace, and anyone from the general public. The content has a special focus on healthcare workforce issues and we look forward to learning socially as a diverse group

The set start date is Monday 18th May 2020.

Most FutureLearn courses run multiple times. Every run of a course has a set start date but you can join it and work through it after it starts.

This course is free of charge to those with a FutureLearn account.

All bookings must be made via the FutureLearn website - please click here. In order to enroll you will need to create an account with FutureLearn.

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