Tavistock Policy Seminars: 'Our Present Woes: What can be learned from the history of the Tavistock that is relevant today?'

Event overview

This presentation will reflect on the history and achievement of the Tavistock and its different components, and will ask how far its approaches and principles continue to deserve attention and commitment today

Speakers: David Armstrong and Michael Rustin

Date: Thursday 1 December 2016 6-8pm

Chair: Angela Foster

Venue: Tavistock Centre, 5th floor Lecture Theatre

The Tavistock has achieved considerable success during its history of nearly 100 years. Among its staff have been many of the foremost figures in the fields of mental health, from Bowlby to Bion, and systemic social research, for example Emery and Trist. It had had  world-wide influence, though it did not set the template for British  mental health services as its founders had hoped. Its volume of professional and research publications has been immense.

In recent years, the Tavistock has been weakened by the separation of  TIHR, and Tavistock Relationships (formerly TCCR) from the Clinic.  It has found itself in a social climate unsympathetic to its organisational and clinical traditions. The question to be asked is whether the Tavistock’s distinctive and committed approaches should be sustained in present times, and if so, by what means?  


David Armstrong is an organisational consultant, working with Tavistock Consulting. He is the author of Organisation in the Mind (2007), and co-editor with Michael Rustin of Social Defences against Anxiety: Explorations in a Paradigm (2014) .

Michael Rustin is Professor of Sociology at the University of East London, and a Visiting Professor at the Tavistock Clinic. He is author of The Good Society and the Inner World (1991). Reading Klein (co-authored with Margaret Rustin) will be published in December.  


Seminars begin at 6.00 pm with a short break for refreshments at 6.45 after which the seminar resumes with an open dialogue and end with brief commentary from the speaker.  


These seminars are free to alumni and staff, but please book a place through:
Simone Silverstein
020 8938 2317 

The Tavistock Centre, London
1 December 2016 18:00 to 20:00
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