UEL Proformas

Please See below links to UEL proformas

Annual Monitoring Review

·         Form A (to be completed by the student) - AM (A)

·         Form B (to be completed by the Director of Studies) - AM (B)

·         Form C (to be completed by the Chair of the Review Panel) - AM (C)

Suspension of Enrolment / Registration

·         Suspension of Enrollment / Registration - SR

Application to Register Thesis Proposal

·         Registration for a Postgraduate Research Degree -REG 

·         Approval of Shorter Period of Registration - SRP

Application to Change Supervisor

·         Change in Approved Supervisory Arrangements - CSA

Changes to Thesis Title

·         Change of Thesis Title - ACT 


·         Extension of Registration Period - EXT

·         Extension for Post-Viva Thesis Amendments - EXTA 

Postgraduate Research Examinations

·         Examination Arrangements Application Form - EXA

·         Examiner Nomination (Short CV) Form - EXN

·         Preliminary Recommendations - PGR (A)

·         Exam Recommendations - PGR(B)

·         Re-Examination Recommendation Report Form - PGR (C)

·         Preliminary Re-Examination Form PGR(A-R)

·         Post Examination Confirmation PGR (D)

·         Declaration Form 

·         EThOS form

·         Thesis Access Declaration – Confidential Status Request Form

·         EThOS Toolkit : Toolkit

·         UEL Electronic File Transfer

Guidelines on Oral Examinations for Postgraduate Research Degrees via Video-Link

·         Guidelines for Vivas by Video Link

·         Viva by Video Link Form

·         Guidance on Good Practice for PGR Oral Examinations