Suspension of studies

If you are a UEL Doctoral student, and your studies are being disrupted by circumstances outside of your control, you may be able to apply for a suspension of studies, which is not counted as part of your registration period.

You are entitled to a maximum of six terms (two academic years) suspension in total, but you can only apply for three terms (one academic year) at a time.

Normally, the following scenarios are considered as (but not limited to) ‘exceptional circumstances’:

  • If you or a partner or spouse, close family or friend has suffered from a serious physical or mental illness;
  • If you have suffered the bereavement of a partner, close family or close friend;
  • If you have been the victim of a criminal act;
  • If you have suffered distress due to a natural disaster or catastrophe;
  • If your source of funding for the programme of research or postgraduate research degree tuition fee has changed;
  • If you have experienced a delay in obtaining ethical approval for the programme of research due to external factors and where the application was submitted in a timely fashion;
  • If you have been selected for jury service;
  • Standard maternity or adoption leave;
  • If your research has been subject to delays caused by a change in members of the supervisory team;
  • Any period of internship or vocational placement essential to the degree programme.

Please note that a change in employment would not normally be considered as ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Applying for Suspension of Studies

  1. In order to apply for a suspension of studies, please complete the  Suspension of Enrolment / Registration (SR) form. . You must accompany this form with documentary evidence (for example, a doctor’s certificate). Without relevant documentary evidence covering the period of time you wish to suspend, the application will be rejected.
  2. Please note that although the form requests the period of suspension in semesters, the Tavistock is not semesterised and we require the suspension period to be completed in terms.There are three terms per academic year: Autumn Term (normally September-December); Spring Term (normally January-April); Summer Term (normally May-July)You can apply for a minimum of one term and a maximum of one academic year (in the first instance) and up to a maximum of two academic years in total (you can only apply for a maximum of one academic year at once).
  3. Scan and email the fully signed and completed form to Academic Governance and Quality Assurance along with your documentary evidence, or bring hard copies to the Academic Governance and Quality Assurance Office room 260 of the  Tavistock Clinic. Please note that this form must be signed by both you and your Director of Studies (1st Supervisor) prior to submission.

For the full regulations relating to suspension of studies, please see section 3.9 of the Trust-UEL Research Degree Regulations.