Registration periods

Once you have registered, you have a finite amount of time in which to complete your thesis.

The registration period is calculated from your date of registration, and not from the date that your registration is approved. This is clearly articulated in your registration approval letter.

Please note that irrespective of your registration period, you have eight years to complete from the point of first enrolment on the course. For Professional Doctoral students this includes the Taught and/or Clinical phase of the course.

Registration periods:

Full-time: minimum 24 months, maximum 48 months

Part-time: minimum 30 months, maximum 60 months

If you are unsure whether your course is full-time or part-time, please refer to the course programme specification.

Changes to your period of registration

If you wish to submit your thesis outside of these timescales, you must complete the relevant form and submit to the TSRDSC.

  • To submit your thesis before the minimum registration period, please complete the Approval of Shorter Period of Registration (SRP).
  • To submit your thesis after the maximum registration period, you must apply for an Extension of Registration Period (EXT).. Please note that you can only submit this form if you are in the final year of your registration period.

Downloadable documents can be found at the UEL-Tavi Downloadable Forms pages.

Once you have completed the form, please ensure that it is fully signed and then submit to the Secretary to the TSRDSC.

Suspension of studies

If your studies are being disrupted by exceptional circumstances outside of your control, you may be able to apply for a Suspension of Enrolment / Registration for between one and three terms, which is not counted as part of your registration period. For further guidance regarding suspensions, please visit the suspension of studies pages.


Please note that your Enrolment and Registration are two entirely distinct processes.

Enrolment refers to joining the course (including the payment of fees and registering your details with the Tavistock and UEL). You can be enrolled on your course for a maximum of eight years. Any suspensions that are applied for and approved, will apply to both registration and enrolment. Extensions can only be applied to registration period if you have enough enrolment time left’. Please see UEL-Tavi D-Level Modular Regulations found here.

Registration refers to the registration of your thesis proposal. In order to register, you must be fully enrolled.