Essex Supervisory Panels

The purpose of a Supervisory Panels (SP) is to ensure that students are being supported appropriately and that they are progressing as expected on the research phase of the doctorate programme. Supervisory Panels are a regulatory requirement and in order to progress to the next year of their study and re-enroll,  all doctoral students must successfully complete a Supervisory Panel.

Advice, monitoring and reports

The purpose of Supervisory Panels is to provide the student with advice on their research and to provide an opportunity to reflect on the student’s progress including assessment of training needs and assessment of progress against the published progress milestones. 

In advance of the meeting, the Supervisory Panel should receive a written report from the student on progress and a future work schedule as well as oral or written comments on the student’s progress from the supervisor. The Supervisory Panel may also receive a formal report of extenuating circumstances from the student, which should be considered by the panel and included in the report to the Research Students Progression Board (RSPB)

The Supervisory Panel Meeting

Supervisory Panels should normally consist of the supervisor(s), plus at least one other member of the academic staff who is not involved in supervising the student, who should chair the panel. Where the supervisor is a less experienced member of staff who has not supervised a doctoral student through to completion, the chair must be an experienced supervisor.

Following discussions, the chair should complete a report of the panel, including any recommendations made, which should subsequently be seen and acknowledged by the supervisor and the student. If there is concern about the student’s progress this must be indicated clearly in the chair’s report. A copy of the report should then be forwarded to the Course Lead, along with the student’s report, for consideration at the next Board of Examiners/RSPB meeting.

The following recommendations/summary of overall progress are detailed below:

  • No concerns at this point - you should progress to the next academic year 
  • You are facing substantial difficulties with progress but these may be resolved with close supervision/monitoring
  • There are major concerns over progress and/quality of outputs

Supervisory Panel forms

Supervisory Panel forms can be found by by following the link for Downloadable Essex Proformas

The Forms included are:

  1. ESSEX Research Student Progress Report - Student
  2. ESSEX Research Student Progress Report - Year 1 M4 Students Only
  3. ESSEX Research Student Progress Report - Year 1 M80 Students Only
  4. ESSEX Research Student Progress Report - Supervisor
  5. ESSEX Research Student Progress Report - Panel Chair

Please be advised that ALL forms pertaining to Supervisory Panels should be uploaded to MyResearch. To do this, log on to MyTap

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