Brain in Hand - how does it help keep the day on track?

The Brain in Hand tool is a new way of monitoring and managing feelings of stress and anxiety and is designed to help keep the day on track. It has been designed specifically for people with Autism Spectrum Conditions. It is an application for use on a smart phone or other device that is designed to help monitor feelings and help manage stress and anxiety.

Involvement in the research study involves having an initial interview with a researcher, completing some questionnaires about well-being, stress and coping, training to use the app, and contact with the researcher once a month over six months to explore whether the app is helpful. At the end of six months participants are interviewed and asked to complete some more questionnaires about their well-being, stress and coping.

Project detail

We are running a pilot study to explore whether and how the Brain in Hand system is helpful to our patients. The project will take about six months to complete.

The Brain in Hand team are working closely with the Tavistock on the project. 

Collaborating institutions

Brain in Hand

Project team

Dr Sarah Helps