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Michael Rustin

Appointed October 2021.

Michael Rustin photo
I have had a long association with the Tavistock, and am strongly committed to its outstanding psychotherapeutic and educational tradition.

I believe I will be able to make an effective contribution to the development of the Tavistock at this difficult time, through my substantial knowledge of its clinical, educational and research activity. .I had a major role in setting up the Tavistock’s partnership with the University of East London, which led to the academic accreditation of many Masters and Professional Doctorate degrees, on some of which I still teach as a visiting lecturer, . I am concerned that the Tavistock’s fine traditions should be sustained, at this difficult time, and believe that governors should be active in seeing that this happens,. I contributed from this perspective to two chapters in the Tavistock’s 2020 centenary volume.

I was an active member of the Council of Governors for three years until 2018. During that term of office I had particular concerns about the development of the Gender Identity Dysphoria Service, which I pursued through many questions and interventions within the Trust, though not in the public domain, in the hope that this would lead to improved services for clients. In addition to my knowledge of the Tavistock, I have had substantial relevant experience as a staff governor of the University of East London, and as a trustee of several charities, including Open Door (the Young People‚Äôs Counselling Service in Haringey), the Amiel-Melburn Trust, and the Stuart Hall Foundation. The Stuart Hall Foundation with my support has been contributing to the Tavistock’s current mission of attending to issues of ethnicity.

Political Party: Labour

Financial or other interest in the Trust: Yes

Details of Financial or Other Interest

I provide some teaching services to the Trust, through a small part-time secondment from my university.