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Julian Lousada

Appointed October 2021.

Julian Lousada photo
I have extensive clinical and managerial experience which gives me the qualifications necessary for the role of governor.

I care passionately about mental health services in the community, the voluntary sector and the NHS. The current challenge is to translate the present-day awareness of mental health into a collaborative network of services. Responding to mental distress is challenging and demanding so it’s essential to offer support to clinical and administrative staff. The quality of services cannot be maintained without a consideration of how familial and social factors impact powerfully on mental wellbeing. In addition, I would support all initiatives where citizens minimise their contribution to the climate crisis. I have worked before retirement for many years at the Tavistock and would like to contribute to its future not just to its past.

I started one of the first community mental health centres in the UK, then worked in Islington as a psychiatric social worker before becoming a consultant social worker/psychotherapist in the Adult Department at the Tavistock, where I subsequently became its Clinical Director. I’ve led professional and regulatory bodies so I know about budget and strategy. I’ve had academic and training posts so I’m aware of the needs and complexities of training. I work well in groups and have consulted to many NHS and other organisations. We face a high demand for mental health services and no prospect of sufficient funds, so creative, non-competitive collaboration with other providers and local groups is essential. No service can be unaware of the need to respond to racism, diversity and inequality.

Political Party: Labour

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None