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Jessica Anglin d’Christian

Re-elected for a second term October 2021.

Jessica Anglin d'Christian
I served as a Police Constable with the Nottinghamshire Constabulary, which demanded high levels of self-discipline and self-control, crisis management, listening, mediation and conflict resolution skills. Whilst there, I advocated for local policy changes to the use of police powers when supporting clients from ethnic minority backgrounds.

I helped establish a Psychiatric Intensive Care unit in South East London, formulating policies and procedures, and I run a successful private psychotherapy practice, holding weekend workshops and seminars teaching on mental health. I believe empowerment and education are effective change agents, and through building and shaping relationships we can make a positive difference. I remain committed to reducing stigma around mental illness within society and on reducing barriers that discourage individuals from engaging with services.

I have twenty years’ experience supporting clients, carers and staff within the NHS and currently work across two NHS Trusts. This affords me the ability to draw on good practice, highlight strengths and promote change through comparison.

I appreciate the rich diversity of ethnicity, culture and social dynamics and as the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lead for MOSAIC CAMHS I remain fully committed to ensuring that the Trust’s Race Equality Strategy is systematically taken forward with the right voices. I will be an excellent link between the BAME network and the Council of Governors, and will represent the views of all staff, helping to ensure that the Trust strengthens its commitment to diversity and moves a step closer to becoming more reflective of the community which it serves.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: I am employed by the Trust as a family and systemic psychotherapist.