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Grace Victoria Duah

I joined the Tavistock Research & Development Unit in August 2022 where I currently work as one of the Assistant Psychologists/ Research Assistants on the The Personalised Programmes for Children (PPC) study. Together with fellow researchers on our team, I recruit families to the study, collect data, and manage data among other roles.

I earned my BSc in Biomedical Science at Queen Mary University London and completed my MSc in Psychology at Westminster University London. My MSc research focused on how Acculturation and enculturation influences Help-Seeking behavior in parents, children and young people. Following this, I also received training as a Child Wellbeing Practitioner at University College London.

I have continuously worked in the NHS since February 2018 across various Trusts in London. Throughout this period I have enjoyed working with children, adolescents and their families in areas including, Neurodiversity, Gender identity, mood disorders and anxiety.