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Urgent care card:

Use the urgent care card if you want users to call or visit a GP or hospital quickly.

You can, for example, use the urgent care card to tell people to contact 111 or to go to a walk-in centre or minor injuries centre.

If appropriate, tell users to ask for an urgent appointment when they ring their GP practice. It can help make sure they see someone quickly.

Call out heading…

Use a warning callout to help users identify and understand warning content on the page, even if they do not read the whole page.

Emergency care card:

If users need to get emergency help straight away (meaning “now”), use the emergency care card. Tell them to dial 999 or go to their nearest A\&E department.

Where appropriate, include a link to help users find their nearest hospital A\&E department.

If it\’s an emergency, the user must dial 999 or go to A\&E now, so avoid linking to more information about a condition from an emergency care card.

Only use this card for emergencies.

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