Trust Scientific Meeting: Mind your language: the vocabulary of higher education today

Event overview

Universities have undergone dramatic changes in recent decades, especially since 2010.  In this lecture, Stefan Collini discusses some of these changes, viewing them through the prism of the language that has now become pervasive in the academic world (though some of it is not confined to that world).  

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He addresses not merely the fundamental misrepresentation of universities' central activities of teaching and research that are involved in this vocabulary, but also the ways in which those who work in universities internalize the values encoded in it and then begin to understand their own professional and intellectual identities in these terms.

Stefan Collini is Professor Emeritus of Intellectual History and English Literature at the University of Cambridge.  He is the author of several books, including Absent Minds: Intellectuals in Britain (2006) and, most recently, The Nostalgic Imagination: History in English Criticism (2019).  He has also been a notable participant in debates about higher education, particularly through What Are Universities For? (2012) and Speaking of Universities (2017).  He is a frequent contributor to such publications as The London Review of Books and The Guardian; he is a Fellow of the British Academy and of the Royal Historical Society.


The Tavistock Centre, London
8 July 2019 11:30 to 12:50

Speaker: Professor Stefan Collini

Chair: Dr Julian Stern